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  1. This is Boyle County’s 16th appearance in the state semifinals. The Rebels are 12 - 3. The three losses were to Breathitt County in 1996, Bell County in 2008 , and Corbin in 2018. 2022 makes the 6th straight year for the Rebels, beating Elizabethtown in 2017, losing to Corbin in 2018, and beating Central in 2019, Hopkinsville in 2020 and Logan County in 2021.
  2. Boyle County is 4 - 2 all-time vs Central. This will be the 2nd time the teams have met in the State semifinals, with Boyle winning 31-14 in 2019. Boyle won in the State quarterfinals in 2001 and 2004 and the 2nd round in 2005. Central won 2nd round matchups in 2015 and 2016.. The 2004 game was a classic with Boyle winning 54 - 43.
  3. I know Bullitt East is playing great football right now and will be a tough out…but…I’ve been on the Bryan Station bandwagon and I can’t get off yet.
  4. Been on that Bryan Station bandwagon since they played Boyle. Like their style!!
  5. The better team did not win the first meeting…it did tonight.
  6. I definitely see a hint of western Kentucky bias in your picks. 😎
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