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  1. When is the last time Danville would have dodged playing a team like Johnson Central to play an Atherton??? NEVER!!!
  2. Anybody hearing Mark Peach for the Danville job?
  3. Great pickup for you. I can’t ever remember Danville and Mercer playing.
  4. With all the turmoil encountered within the Danville district and program, I was wondering if anyone has heard any scheduling talk. Most teams appear to have finalized their schedules and are posting them. With Coach Clevenger no longer leading the program, who is responsible for completing the schedule if it has not already done. I have pulled together six games from other teams posted schedules. 8/20 vs. Garrard County at (Lincoln County Bowl) 8/27 vs Lincoln County (Danville Bowl) 9/03 at Boyle County 10/8 at Somerset (District) 10/15 vs. Washington County (Dist
  5. According to the KHSAA if you are able to play your seed games, they are to count toward seeding, as I was told yesterday. I think as of now Greenwood and South are tied. It would be unfair not to do it this way considering the other team may have kids out with Covid, and lets face it some teams would not play twice on purpose. No reason not to re-schedule games if you can prevent it.
  6. You can’t get there from Park Hills...unless you can get a helicopter to drop you in.
  7. Heard that Boyle and Highlands were re-upping for two more years, but heard yesterday that Highlands backed out.
  8. He just realized the grass is not greener at Highlands.
  9. Boyle County started football in 1963 and the current all-time record is 442 - 218 - 7.
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