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  1. Holmes against Boyle County in the third round?
  2. You sure that is not a picture from Pulaski County?
  3. Boyle County Football is approaching a milestone in their history. Tonight’s game against Anderson County marks the 699th game for Boyle County Football, which means that next weeks game against Bourbon County will be number 700! Currently, Boyle County is in its 59th season of playing football and has a record of 472 wins, 219 losses, and 7 ties. Chuck Smith has the longest coaching tenure at Boyle, coaching 19 seasons with a record of 212 wins and 44 losses, 6 state championships and 2 state runners up. It’s been a great run so far and a lot of fun!!
  4. Would make for a great state championship game!!
  5. Boyle County holds an advantage in the series 19 - 13, with the first game played in 1997, and has won the last 7 matchups. In those last seven wins, the Rebels have scored 40 or more points in every game. Each time the teams have met in the postseason the team that won in the regular season has been victorious in the playoff game.
  6. I’ve heard that Lexington Catholic has started a tradition of putting a sword through a helmet of the opponent. Would someone associated with that program care to post a picture of the sword through the Boyle County helmet? I would REALLY like to see it!!
  7. This game falls under the category of do you really have to ask.
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