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  1. Heard that Boyle and Highlands were re-upping for two more years, but heard yesterday that Highlands backed out.
  2. He just realized the grass is not greener at Highlands.
  3. Boyle County started football in 1963 and the current all-time record is 442 - 218 - 7.
  4. I like the "Titletown Showdown." This rivalry game was first played in October 1965 at Centre College and ended in a 0 - 0 tie. Danville currently owns a series advantage of 35-21-1. Through 1979, Danville owned a series lead of 9-5-1; however, after Boyle won in 1979 on a last second touchdown, the series took a decided turn for the Admirals. Danville won the next 19 consecutive games from 1980 through 1996. During this stretch the teams played three times in the playoffs, being in the same class and district. Boyle regained the win column in the 1996 playoff game, winning 12 - 0, after losing the regular season game 35 - 20. Many of the games during the Danville streak of 19 straight wins were very lopsided. With the Boyle win in the 1996 playoffs, the tide turned for the Rebels in the series, making it a true rivalry again. Since that playoff win, the Rebels hold a 16 - 7 series advantage, with the 2018 score of 34 - 17. During that stretch, Boyle has had win streaks of 3, 3, 4 and 3. Clay Clevenger took over as the Admirals head coach in 2013, and is 2 - 4 against the Rebels, winning in 2016 and 2017. Chuck Smith took over as head coach of the Rebels in 1992 and coached through 2004, eventually taking over again in 2014 through the current year. During his two-term tenure with the Rebels, Smith holds a 10 - 11 record against the Admirals. It was a slow start in the rivalry for Smith, going 0 - 7 to start the series; however, he finished his first tenure with a record of 7 - 9 against the Admirals. In his second stint, Smith is 3 - 2. Smith is also 3 - 2 versus Clevenger, head to head. Rivalry games are often unpredictable; however, I will take the Rebels in the 2019 version of the "Titletown Showdown."
  5. In the great age of cross-bracketing, I have a question. I will use Boyle County as an example. For 2019 they are in district 5 of 4A. Their district is cross-bracketed with district 7. If both number 1 seeds were to meet for the regional championship, which district would host? I thought it was an odd-even thing with the odd district hosting in the odd year; however, both districts are odd numbered in an odd year. Please share the knowledge.
  6. Chuck Smith of Boyle County and his son, Brandon Smith of South Warren, each concluded this season with an undefeated 10-0 record. Has this ever been accomplished before by a father and son in the same season?
  7. Boyle County is 35 and 9 all-time vs Mercer County (Scotties/Titans). Boyle has won 8 of the last 9 meetings. The lone Mercer win coming in the 2013 playoffs 31- 30. A win by Boyle on Thursday would give head coach Chuck Smith his 194th victory as the Boyle head man, against only 43 losses in 18 seasons.
  8. Boyle County is currently in its 56th season of football (1st season was 1963). The current record is 436 wins, 217 losses, and 7 ties (a winning percentage of 66%. Chuck Smith is in his 18th season (the 5th year of his second stint as head coach). His current record is 193 wins and 43 losses, with 6 state championships and 1 runner-up.
  9. Haven’t been homered in a game like that in a long time. Several mysterious calls that kept the Rebels out of the end zone on a few occasions. Thought the team looked like they were suffering from a “no Reese” hangover in this game. Good win against a good team.
  10. I could not believe this when I read it. Is this true? Is it being brushed under the rug by the administration? If true, I think this is very serious. Wouldn't the KHSAA be interested? Unreal!!
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