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  1. I'm down to 204 as of last Saturday. Pounds are getting tougher as I expected they would. 56 total lbs since Nov 2023. I'm in it for the long haul. Warmer weather will help even more.
  2. Thank you Sir! Some heart issues at 64 will wake you up.
  3. I actually just saw this thread. I started in Nov 2023 and weighed 260 lbs. I weigh in every 2 weeks and I'll be weighing in this Saturday morning. Last weigh in I was down to 207 lbs. It's all about staying focused for me. I rarely have any type of bread and have way down on sugars. Trying to just eat good carbs only and I cut back to 1 beer per day. I ride the recumbent bike 4 days a week.
  4. Hope the Cats get Mitchell back for this one. I'll say Cats by 9 at home. Need to keep improving defensively and with the overall rebounding. Go Cats!!
  5. Bush Hamdan. Sounds like a solid hire to me. As long as Stoops let's him do his thing. Go Cats!
  6. Congratulations Coach Chandler! The Flyer program will miss you and your family! You got a good one Hazard!
  7. Sounds like they should have kept Coach Shipley.
  8. Out-classed? Come on man! You can put it a better way than that. The best team won but when you fall behind you have to line up and throw the ball. Rebels just had great coverage all night on Hurst. That dropped TD by the Flyers early really hurt any momentum they had going. Great season Flyers and a great 4 yr run Seniors. Hope Boyle Co wins it all. Back to work Flyers!! The community is behind you.
  9. Franklin Co practiced at 8:30 this morning. Free coffee, hot chocolate and donuts to those who attended.
  10. Flyers not focused the 2nd half. Up big at the half and were flat the 2nd half. Still alive with Boyle Co coming to town. Get em ready Coach! Go Flyers!
  11. Final. Running clock in the 2nd quarter.
  12. Final. Flyers finish the regular season undefeated.
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