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  1. QB Nick Broyles with 5 TD passes for the Flyers. WRs Fred Farrier and Zac Claudio with 2 TDs apiece. Also Peyton Ledford with 2 TDs. Great job Flyers! Up next is the 1st home game on the new synthetic turf field (Benny Watkins Field) in Frankfort vs Woodford Co.
  2. A1 though I hardly ever use ketchup as well.
  3. Up on cripple Creek - The Band When the levee breaks - Led Zeppelin
  4. I have 5 acres here and I ride a 61" Ferris ZTR and I'm happy with it. I know it's faster than my neighbors Exmark. I really like my Ferris but his Exmark mows a nice yard too. Good luck in your search. Congrats on retiring soon.
  5. Mine was a 75 Ford Granada. Lord that thing was ugly.
  6. Cheeseburger. Not even close.
  7. Give me the ocean every day of the week. We have an above ground pool at home so I can do the pool thing all summer long. Bummed we are missing the beach this year. We may just go twice next year!
  8. Just plain original Lay's. I do like some grippos with a cold beer now.
  9. I picked french fries but really good onion rings beats them all.
  10. 1. Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon 2. Frosted Strawberry
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