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  1. Add all of what's been said with also the addition of a true seasoned NFL QB coach along with more options at the W/R position. Then it's also the slow season and just adds to things to hold us over until CFB returns. Hype for sure, but Will has a chance to be really special for UK football.
  2. The worst bourbon? Kessler! Had me hollering for Earl I'll tell ya.
  3. Is it possible that the riff between Cal and Coach Chin was worse than we saw and knew and it entered the locker room? The meltdown sure seemed like it was so uncharacteristic for a "close" team. Just asking.
  4. I thought Coach Thacker had wining seasons when he was the HC at Frankfort?
  5. Senior Day for the Cats. Mintz and Grady will be recognized.
  6. Staying with the same offensive scheme makes since for Kentucky. He joins the Assistant O line coach from the 49ers as well at Kentucky.
  7. I agree CincySportsFan. The 1st episode bout made me not watch the rest. It really wasn't needed either. We finished it and enjoyed it but Ritchson is probably the worst actor in the series.
  8. Also should have been an and one.
  9. Things will have to go right for the Cats to get the win. Need some 3's to fall, and no serious foul trouble for TyTy or Oscar. Go Cats!
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