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  1. Let’s see if Fredrick can still do those things, I hope he can, Grandison defense is quite ok.
  2. You asked me a question and I answered, you threw in the complaining part and that had nothing to do with your question.
  3. Reeves, Fredrick, Livingston, Wallace, doesn’t make any difference who it is when you shoot 41% from 3pt range.
  4. As long as Justin Haddix is there, will never happen.
  5. If Grandison shoots 41% from 3pt land, he will find minutes on the floor that surpasses the other potential wing players.
  6. Levis is being overrated IMO, hopefully I’m wrong but he will need a huge turnaround to be one of the top 5 qb’s in the land.
  7. Don’t have to be doing anything wrong at all or even hire anyone to enhance recruiting, kids just want to come to Lville to play football, everyone has a run with recruits now and then.
  8. Love the manner in which Jimbo responded, Saban is just a human being just like the rest of us.
  9. So you are saying that the 2018 Duke team and this past season’s Ky team were about the same teams? And I think that is hilarious.
  10. Couple interviews today, better keep names private
  11. Would love to see him on the bench at Rupp Arena!!
  12. Always excuses for a team and coach that underachieves, some things have to be accounted for besides making up excuses.
  13. And this is the main problem with UK basketball at present time, the guy that’s in charge of the stakes isn’t getting the job done and we the stakeholders have nothing we can do about it, something just doesn’t seem right with this scenario.
  14. Great couple of hires by the Ville lately, can only move forward.
  15. This game is about TEAMS and PROGRAMS, not about PROS!!!!
  16. Cal couldn’t have got his team that far so no worries about a post.
  17. Thanks for the ride Coach K, you are truly the man!!!!
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