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  1. We shall see, weakest roster in many years IMO.
  2. I will call your prediction and also say by looking at the make shift roster that they don’t even make the NCAA tourney. Cal will have to change his style of supposedly coaching but we all know that will never happen.
  3. Very sad time for Ky basketball when we have to have a wish player come from a transfer portal. Knew it would get to this aggravating point though. This is the situation that one and domes put you in, never thought or imagined this would be Ky basketball protocol.
  4. Very poor decision on this young man’s behalf, what would be wrong with another collegiate season and perhaps convincing NBA teams that he could actually play there.
  5. Very true and well stated, couldn’t have said it any better myself.
  6. Hagans should have sit much more, Maxey at certain times, when he wasn’t scoring well and having a bad game with poor decisions being made, Juzang was given one shot at the basket to determine how much he would play or one possession defensively. Juzang should have gotten more minutes versus zone defenses and especially when others were turning the ball over and taking bad shots, also Montgomery should have sit much more and Juzang play with a smaller lineup, IMO.
  7. My point is Juzang was thrown around unjustified at Ky and will go anywhere in the country and immediately play and make a huge contribution, had been given an opportunity at Ky, would have done the same.
  8. Every Division l, ll, lll, schools still have compassion and put the athletes first and not just throw them in and out of games as seems to run rampant at Ky, the young man we are referencing can play anywhere he wants with the right type leadership that suits him.
  9. Somewhere that appreciates young college athletes and they aren’t just a number, believe it or not there’s still schools out there like that.
  10. Smart young man, maybe he can go somewhere and relax and play without being yelled and cussed at, best of luck young man.
  11. I was referencing Lexington Catholic.
  12. Great hire for Iona, hopefully his next stop will be in Lexington.
  13. All Championship teams at any level begin with your point guard. Hagans has shown little to suggest he can lead this team to a Championship level. Inconsistent ball handling and lack of judgment in taking shots, and now showing an attitude that clearly makes me think he isn’t the leader for this team. He should be benched in an effort to clear his mind and maybe, just maybe can get his act together for tourney play.
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