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  1. I said PG and all other positions in my post. So we are talking about overall signings and roster so again it is nothing to boast about.
  2. There has been a couple of decent transfers and a couple decent high school commitments but nothing to shout about.
  3. Where are these rumors coming from? Haven’t heard a single word by any media outlet.
  4. Thoughts and prayers to the Estill Co baseball family.
  5. How many have signed on the dotted line?
  6. That’s just one player, when several players start knocking on the door and showing interest, then I could say different.
  7. I have eyes and ears and see transfers and keep up with signings, that’s all it takes to recognize the situation.
  8. They aren’t running over each other or standing in line. Point guard position open to all.
  9. I think kids are really seeing the light as far as Ky basketball is concerned. Who wants to be screamed at constantly and then be labeled as the point guard or any other position that failed his team because Cal will take no credit for the team downfall. Don’t blame these kids for staying away. Who wants to be thrown under the bus?
  10. When a female is coaching a men’s Power 5 team, somebody give me a shout please because I don’t think it will ever happen.
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