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  1. Wolfe Co with 7 losses #2, that’s not a good ranking in the 14th region.
  2. Nice win today and most complete game of the season, let’s see if this is sustainable.
  3. Vandy is horrible!! More turnovers than points.
  4. Both Breathitt Co and Wolfe Co are overrated in your rankings.
  5. This is a game that Ky must win. No excuses for a loss here. Cats 79 Vandy 66
  6. KCC is the best team in Region 14 with Hazard a close 2nd. Breathitt Co has played their usual weak schedule and Wolfe Co doesn’t have the discipline to win the region.
  7. Ky was overdue to win a close game. Happy for the players and true Ky fans. Hopefully momentum will have a little carryover value.
  8. More people may want to watch those games than you think, especially with Ky showing nothing at all, the OVC has Morehead, Belmont, Murray St, EKU and Austin Peay that have quality teams that represent Ky and neighboring states that provide entertainment.
  9. Watched all but one of those games so you are incorrect. Not sure about throwing things out there but do enjoy BGP’s. Seems like if everything said is good about Ky you are fine with it, but say something good about Duke and you go into defensive mode. Not really sure why but that seems to be very prevalent according to comments made.
  10. I agree with not being a good team, just think the record is a bit deceiving and last two games looking better.
  11. This is a Duke/NC thread and if you watch Duke play, you might think the same.
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