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Who is the greatest Kentucky high school football coach of all time?


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Who is the greatest Kentucky high school football coach of all time? Criteria to be considered may include total games won, total championship games coached in, and resources the coach had to work with. Resources may include the school's football tradition prior to the coach's arrival, the school's facilities, the school's enrollment, and any other relevant factors that may better assist in determining the greatest Kentucky high school football coach of all time. One thing to bear in mind is that however the determination is made it is a subjective determination. To start the discussion, I list several coaches below. This list is not exclusive, nor is it final. In fact, the greatest coach may not even me on this list. The list is merely to facilitate discussion on this topic.


Sam Harp-Beginning in 1989 and continuing through this season his teams have appeared in seven state championships games and won 70% of those matches.


Mike Yeagle-From 1991 through 2004 Beechwood was a titan, winning eight of the 10 state championship games they played in. Since he left Beechwood has not been the dominant power they once were.


Ed Miracle-An acknowledged power in Kentucky football from 1959 through 1971, the Lynch East Main Blackcats, led by Ed Miracle, won four of the eight state championship games they appeared in, including the first two Class A state championship games ever played.


Paulie Miller-This offensive genius led Flaget high school to football prominence in the 1950s and is still revered in Jefferson County as the precursor to the modern passing game in the Louisville area. He developed Paul Hornung.


Bob Beatty-The fruit of a nation wide search by Trinity High School, he has won five state titles in the seven years he has coached at Trinity, and there is no indication that his streak is over.


Bill Glaser-He never lost a high school game while he was head coach, leading St. Xavier high school to back-to-back state championships, including the first class 4A state championship game ever played in Kentucky.


Bob Schneider- The mere fact that he has won more high school games than any coach ever in Kentucky would merit mention among the all-time great Kentucky high school coaches. Throw in a few state championships, and you realize his name has to be a near the top of the list.


Bob Redmon- He won at Ballard, he won at Durrett, and he continued winning at Male with some of the greatest teams ever to play Kentucky high school football. He has won over 280 games and several state championships, all the while developing great football talent.


Mike Glaser- He has won 270 high school football games in Kentucky, appeared in nine state championships, and has won six state titles. Coaches have come and gone from other schools, but much like the Energizer Bunny he keeps on going and he keeps on winning.


Jack Morris-From 1976 through 1992 his teams at Mayfield played in nine state championship games, winning four of them.


Dale Mueller-The leader of a legendary football power in Kentucky, he won 4 state championships at Highlands with lower male enrollments than many of his opponents.


Chuck Smith –He took Boyle county from nowhere to a flurry of state titles, and when his team won titles they won big, leaving little doubt as to who ruled 3A.

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There have been many fine coaches through the history of high school football in Kentucky.


Taking into consideration resources, talent, community support, size of school, etc. my vote easily goes to Jack Morris. A lot of people that have not been to far West Kentucky or to Mayfield and know the city do not understand how remarkable it is to build the culture that he did.

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I'd say that Dennis Lampley must be mentioned in any conversation about Kentucky's all time best coaches. National Coach of the year as well as a Kentucky Hall of Fame Member!!!


Absolutely. No slight meant. He was a force.

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I would add Dudley Hilton to the list of candidates to consider, but my vote would go for Chuck Smith. I don't expect what he accomplished at Boyle County to ever be matched. Look at where Boyle was at when he took over, look at what they are doing since he departed, and then look at what they accomplished while he was there. It's a no-brainer for me.

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