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  1. Not a shocker. The D is in good hands. :thumb::ohbrother:
  2. Miss him every day. Miss the snowman with the Highlands sign and miss him announcing that the Silver Grove Dairy Bar is opening for the summer. Miss seeing him sitting in his spot at the football field for the games. Miss him on the Preps.
  3. So happy for this team. The hard work is paying off. Also congrats to Gracie on another great game.:thumb:
  4. Change the name of the team to Highlands in the title of this thread and it has been the conversation over Thanksgiving dinner since the 60's in our home . Welcome to the conversation Cov. Cath.:lol2::lol2::lol2::ylsuper:
  5. If the Kats can get to a playoff game or a big time bowl game, then they may get some real refs. But until they get to the big time, they aren't going to get big time refs and they will have to deal with little time white hat that wants to try to make a name for himself be it good or bad. Get better and take the lessons of this year and move on.
  6. In my opinion, winning with less talent is seeing what a coach can do with less talent. Play up and play up-teams close. I don't ever think a coach should blame a bad season on less talent. The sign of a good coach is one that can take less talent and make it competitive.
  7. Congrats to Brian. Another year and I hope it gets much much better.:thumb: But if the Birds lose to Cov. Cath. one more time, I'M DONE!:irked:
  8. Of the 23 State championship games that Highlands has won, how many of those were won without the players mentioned ? The point being that many more championship games have been won without the controversy of the few.
  9. Get rid of the new practice facility. It doesn't seem to be working. Maybe Highlands just doesn't have the talent to know how to use it.:lol2: j/k
  10. I like Brian. Great defensive coordinator. However, this is Brian's first head coaching job. Most head coaches start in a job that needs to be built up. Brian came into a program that was standing on the shoulders of those that came before. Some coaches are cut out to be head coaches and some make great assistant coaches. Not a slam at Brian, he is a great defensive coach. Head coach is a different breed.
  11. Congrats to South Oldham. This birds fan is ready for a change.
  12. AWWWWW I remember the good ole days. I want them back. Enjoy Colonels.
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