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  1. Did the Rock all of a sudden become a juggernaut once again?
  2. Great win for the Lions and coach Perry. Garrard will be a very tough out come playoff time. Could make a little history in Lion land this season
  3. Didnt Beechwood beat Franklin Co. soundly and Franklin Co. had beat Frankfort? This makes no sense
  4. I had said 21-7, about what I was expecting. GC should be 4-0, but oh well. I still think this team gets better and better as year goes on.
  5. GC dominates in yardage and time of possession but come up short. would not be shocked to see lions and ads win their region this yr. should be fun yr for area football
  6. Is it gametime yet? The suspense is absolutely killin me!!
  7. 2 really good teams with 2 really good defenses. Gonna be a slugfest. Im going with Garrard 14-13
  8. About what i thought. Both teams will be much improved and both will get better as the season goes on as result of coaching changes.
  9. I agree GCHS that 93 GC team was special. Lost 14-13 to Bardstown in Reg. final. Bardstown lost 14-13 to Beechwood in state final
  10. Will be fun to watch this team. Cant wait for season to begin. Perry will have this team ready to roll
  11. mboro will be team that could surprise. Other then that i think u see your usual suspects.
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