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What last names do you associate with schools?

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It seems like there is always one these on the roster:

Augusta: Kelsch

Bracken County: Cummins, Jefferson

Mason County: Myrick

Bishop Brossart: Seiter, Verst

Campbell County: Kremer/Kramer

Pendleton County: Wood

Harrison County: Furnish

Paris: Dumphord, Sims, Ashford, Ransom

Nicholas County: Letcher


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Krohman at SK comes to mind. Seems like Massey was also common for a long time at Robertson/Deming. Mumphrey at Carroll Co  

Jones will forever be synonymous with Gallatin Co. Same for Hicks at Scott Co. Duvall has a couple young buckets coming up at Owen, yet Mefford might still be the name I default to there. But I don’t think those names are what you’re looking for. 

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