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  1. Could someone post X's schedule. Varsity, JV and Frosh if possible.
  2. If you haven't been to Baton Rouge on a fall Saturday night you haven't truly experienced SEC football. It is an event.
  3. I couldn't care less about Mercer's "class size". There aren't many teams in 4A last year that had 92 players. I would also like to hear about the coaching staff with 20 coaches. All reasonable inquiries in my opinion.
  4. He was also 0-2 against Coach Knight this year. I guess Coach Knight still knows how to coach a little bit. Like I said before, this list is a joke. It is a "media-darling" list.
  5. The writer admits that this is a "what have you done lately" list. I guess I would ask what have some of these guys done at all? Not including Coach Knight in any top ten list makes it a joke. In case the writer didn't notice, Coach Knight has turned TT into a basketball team where one didn't exist.:mad:
  6. Much better, reminds me of the day we broke Bama's home winning streak in 1993 (I think). LSU was up big and in the fourth quarter Bama put Palmer (the real deuce) at QB and he almost won the game single handedly. Great day at a fine venue. I must admit, Bama fans are some of the best.
  7. Speaking of movies Larry. Don't you think that Pat Trammell and Bryant would make a great storyline for a movie? Not a dry eye in the house I bet.
  8. It was a legit question. Don't 2A schools have like a 400 or 500 students? Thats like 200 to 250 boys, right? so almost half the boys in the school are on the football team? I also question the 20 coaches. Trinity has half that many. Whats the story Mercer fans?
  9. An Alabama man with a Notre Dame avatar, the Bear is spinning in his grave as we speak.
  10. It is a better case than the one for the 1950 "national title" in football.
  11. No way I would pass up all the smack I could talk if my alma mater beat Trinity. Not a day would go by without reminding friends and relatives of the score.
  12. Anybody else notice the little shot that Gillispie took at Tubby towards the end of the article in the CJ (print version) this a.m.? He said "you're not going to take an average center if you can get a great wing-or I'm not".
  13. That all sounds legit. I didn't attend Trinity but my son did. FYI, if Trinity was to play my high school alma mater, I would be rooting for the Fighting Falcons to defeat the Rocks.
  14. Does the LOI even reference a particular coach? I think the LOI is between the student/athlete and the school.
  15. All the multiple team fans with separate schools for different sports seems rather odd to me. I'm a fan of my alma mater plain and simple. Question: does anyone on this site follow multiple high school sports i.e. Trinity football fan, Ballard basketball fan and PRP for baseball? Just wondering.
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