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  1. Well sorry. I thought that it was ok to comment on their schedule. I’m done.
  2. I would really like to see Trinity on their schedule.
  3. Trinity has an outstanding group of eighth graders taking the placement test on Saturday. Also a great group of underclassmen returning next season. The future at Trinity looks very bright. Go Rocks!
  4. Maybe if the outside of Louisville teams actually stepped up and played Trinity and Male we might think differently.
  5. You are so right Co-Captain, my Rock brother. Go Rocks!
  6. Congratulations Rocks! I love it when all of the so called media experts are wrong. Rocks now reigning State Champs in football, basketball, tennis and cross country. So proud to be a Rock Alumni. Another good game between the Big 2. Already looking forward to have Male at Marshall Stadium next season. Now to enjoy #26 for awhile. Go Rocks!
  7. The Big 2 continue their rivalry. Should be another epic battle. Go Rocks!
  8. For those that can’t make it to Radcliff, for 10.99 you can stream the game on the NFHS network. Go Rocks!
  9. Can anyone give us a review of the North Hardin facilities? Field type, seating, etc. Thanks.
  10. Thanks again to Bowling Green for playing us again. I would love to see other state schools schedule Trinity. Go Rocks!
  11. Win or lose, I'm glad to see Bowling Green step up and schedule Trinity after Wallace declined for so many years. Go Rocks!
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