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Boyle County 40 Corbin 21 - 3A State Championship


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The Boyle County Rebels are your 2017 Class 3A State Football Champions.


The win gives the Rebels 8 State Titles with one Runner Up finish.


Reece Smith from Boyle County had an all world game and he is only a sophomore!


Congrats Boyle County. Congrats Coach Smith.


Who Ya With!



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Well it seems that Corbin had no answer for the Rebel Offensive Line.


Boyle will have to reload that line I think they have 4 Seniors starting on it. But what skilled players return!


I'm an Old Rebel but it never gets old seeing this program Rise Up and take it to another level when they are challenged. :dancingpa

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Congrats Rebels. Very impressive offensive team. Really impressed with there RBs. They're all very patient and then hit the holes with a burst, plus they all have good balance and run low to the ground. Hard to bring down. There soph. QB is really going to be a good one these next couple of years. He's already very good, but, wow, great future ahead for that kid. Throw in a couple of speedy, sure handed WRs and a solid OL and that's what you get..


As for Corbin. Solid, hard-nosed team with some really nice athletes. I do question some of there play calling. In the 3rd qtr, they got there running game going and then when they get inside the 20s, they start passing it and go away from what was working. I do feel they got a couple of bad calls that really took them out of the game. The 1st was when they called an incompletion. It sure looked like a completion inside the 1 where they surely would have scored or would have on that play had the fumble stood up. The 2nd was when they had the ball on 4th down and went for it at about the 14. They threw an incompletion, but, the Boyle defender was there about a second too early and should have been a pass interference, imo.. The 3rd was the int. that was called an incompletion. When you're playing a team as potent offensively as Boyle is, plays like that have to go your way or you're in trouble. These didn't and this is the result.


The better team won tonight, but, it could have and should have been a little closer.

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So what is the controversial plays in this game?


TnCatFan listed them a couple of posts above you.


Each were an either way call that went Boyle's way. I agree with the Hounds fans on those.


I do think that Boyle got flagged for a few retaliation penalties from the video I was watching. But each are part of the game.


The main problem Corbin had was that they could not stop Boyle's offense. Rebels doubled them up in yardage and First Downs and their line was pretty good.


I would also say that historically Chuck Smith's defenses have tried to neutralize great athletes like Corbin has exactly like tonight. Bend but don't break. Fly to the ball when the game is on the line and that's what Boyle did IMO to keep Corbin out of the game after the KO return by the Hounds.


Corbin was very good. Boyle was just better IMO with the lines and their Big Pass Play capability.

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The bad calls along with the terrible play calling in the red zone were huge. And not being able to stop that counter which Boyle ran 60% of the time didn't help


I thought Joe Gibbs was play calling instead of Chris Pardue. :thumb:

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