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How many people do you know that...


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How many people do you know personally (not a guy you heard about or talked to once but someone you actually knew and they knew you) that have died in some tragic manner that doesn't include traffic accidents...I'm talking about firearms accident, murder, suicide, drowning, farm equipment accident or other unknown deaths.


I'll get to the point of this question later on...I promise I'm not trying to be morbid just seeing what the range on BGP is for this question.


I've personally known 1 by firearms accident 1 by suicide and 1 by murder.

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Lost a friend to a house fire in 7th grade.

Just lost my cousin's son to a heroin overdose.

2 suicides that I can recall - one was a high school classmate; the other was my best friend's brother (although he may have been murdered; was never proven)

A friend from high school was murdered by her abusive husband who then took his own life.

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Best friends little brother was killed working for electric company, they were working on lines when a live line hit the machinery he was working on and it fried him. He had 2 little kids at the time.



Classmate of mine blew his own head off accidently (wasn't a suicided), never did figure out exactly what happened.

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Guy I worked with was (some authorities believe) kidnaped at sea off the coast of Costa Rica by pirates and killed, along with his wife during their honeymoon. They went out on a very questionable, small charter boat, and no one was ever seen again. 10 years ago this summer. No one still knows what happened.


A.M. Costa Rica: Your English language daily news source


Mystery shrouds Kentucky couple's disappearance

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Suicide by hanging (friend of the family)

Suicide by gunshot (neighbor)

Suicide (high school classmate)

Heroin OD (acquaintance from community)

Heroin OD (ex-girlfriend)

Murder by gun (member of my former church)

OD on prescription meds (friend of the family)

Trampoline accident (childhood friend)

Farm equipment accident (coworker)

Infection after fall (relative)

Killed in action (acquaintance from high school)

Killed in action (childhood friend)

That's all I can think of at the moment

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