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  1. Thanks guys! Hope all has been well.
  2. Looks like we could have 3-4 of the same players. Will come down to Ingram v Gurley and my WRs v a TE and some other guy.
  3. Dodged a bullet there. Planning to start Josh Gordon over Jordy Nelson in the playoffs is not a thing I expected to do this year, but here we are.
  4. I think people probably liked it better when they looped SportsCenter reruns back-to-back. But at some point ESPN realized it was more valuable to have these “hot takes” shows on instead. The market is saturated with them now, and people like Skip Bayless feigning complete idiocy has lost its shock value. At the end of the day their bread and butter are live sports and recap shows, but I think there’s a ceiling on the eyeballs who will tune into SC daily. That’s just one person’s unresearched and probably ill-informed opinion. Maybe they’re just out of touch now. Matthew Berry’s new fantasy show is cringeworthy, and I hope that’s not what they think younger viewers like.
  5. Same here. I used to have SC on all the time when I was younger, but I just don’t have the time now. I watch sports live and get the news on the internet (and ESPN could make their site more user friendly).
  6. I wouldn’t drink Natty if there was a $5 bill at the bottom of every can.
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