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  1. First launch in almost a decade. I’m downright giddy right now.
  2. The Falcon project is amazing. I can only imagine how much money is saved being able to reuse the entire first stage rocket.
  3. Apparently Minnesota has a statewide agency that is designed to assist law enforcement all over the state with a variety of matters. I just looked it up and didn't learn a ton, but state government apparently likes having it around for the flexibility of quickly shifting resources to investigations and projects that need it.
  4. So we have doctors in Column A that suggest masking will help slow spread. And we have doctors in Column B that say they're not particularly helpful. Where does that leave us? A pragmatic approach suggests erring on the side of caution while studies continue.
  5. There has been suggestion that the higher rates of transmissibility of SARS-CoV-2 over its obvious comparison, SARS-CoV-1, is that it replicates more in the upper respiratory tract than its predecessor, which located itself primarily in the lower respiratory tract. They discuss it in the article I posted above. I think that was something of a surprise early on and may have hampered early responses.
  6. The novel virus is so new that information is changing by the day. They initially thought it more similar to the SARS-CoV-1 virus that China pretty well contained during that outbreak. It's proven to be a more difficult beast. The most recent thing I've read was an editorial in yesterday's [EDIT: republished from April] New England Journal that's trying to make sense of the limited studies we currently have of asymptomatic transmission. It concluded with a recommendation for masking, but the editorial itself is rightly centered on skilled nursing facilities and the additional precautions needed there that exceed our current standards. https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMe2009758
  7. Which contradicts information in their own Q&A. It appears to be because the WHO draws a distinction between a medical mask and a non-medical mask and the way in which they switch between them is unclear on the site. Q&A: Masks and COVID-19 "WHO recognizes that there are many questions about the use of face masks to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 in the community, and that many countries are recommending that people wear them. Wearing a medical mask can limit the spread of certain respiratory viral diseases, including COVID-19. However, the use of a mask alone is not sufficient to provide an adequate level of protection. Other measures such as physical distancing and hand hygiene should be adopted." Regarding use of non-medical masks: "Although their protective effectiveness to the wearer is unknown, they may protect others if the wearer is a pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic carrier." The WHO's position has been the same for months: they won't take a position on questions involving non-medical masks for the general public. The CDC has done so and recommends masking in situations where social distancing is difficult or impossible. How to Protect Yourself & Others | CDC
  8. The league and the players agreed back in March that once the season started, players would be paid their normal salary prorated on a per-game basis. So with the 82-game schedule the league proposed, the players would already be paid only half their normal annual contract. The players expect the league to honor that agreement. The owners argue that was negotiated expecting fans in the stands and so with higher available revenues. However, I expect both sides to come to a reasonable conclusion here. The league's first proposal was a non-starter, just like they knew it would be, slashing salaries an additional 33 percent, on average. They didn't start the negotiations with their best offer, but with their best-case offer. Both sides will figure this out because nobody wants a lost season.
  9. I think I saw earlier that the scrub date is May 30.
  10. GAHHHH! Scrapped 15 minutes before launch. Bad weather.
  11. If the two-part photo I posted shows up, the top one is the screens from the interface on the screen from inside the space shuttle Endeavor. That last launch was only nine years ago.
  12. The future is now. That's the interface the pilots see in the cockpit. It genuinely feels like real-life has caught up to sci-fi here.
  13. Set to go just after 4:30 pm today. Had it on in the background for a couple hours now. First manned launch from American soil since the last shuttle flight in 2011. I'm fascinated by this. As a long-time supporter of the space program, I've been waiting a long time for this.
  14. There are times I've really enjoyed a trip like No. 4. But in these last couple years as I've been settling into a new office in a new town and trying to get my client base together while working 50+ hours every week, going somewhere where I can just be still, relax, function without a clock and just breathe has been incredibly appealing. The loss of the Michigan trip next month will hit me really hard when the time comes, even if we've rescheduled it for later this year. 10 days on the lakefront is EXACTLY what I need after the last few months.
  15. No. 5 I think. As long as the cabin has a great view. I can stay up there for days with someone else cooking and be content. No. 1 also has promise for the same reasons.
  16. Always had this thing about Isle Royale National Park. It's the least-visited national park (other than the ones in the remotest parts of Alaska), and there's a good reason for that: it's in the far northwestern corner of Lake Superior near the Canadian border and is accessible only by a couple boats from Minnesota or the UP or by sea plane. It closes entirely from November until April. But photos I've seen make it look incredible.
  17. There's nothing like a good french onion soup.
  18. It's not about which version of him is real and which isn't. It's about looking at constantly updated information and revising as you learn things. That used to be called "maturing" and we embraced it. He changed his recommendations as new information came out regarding just how long someone could carry this virus while exhibiting no symptoms. A thing we now know to be true, which is that someone could carry it for weeks and have no idea, wasn't universally understood back in March.
  19. Sure. Fauci agrees with them. That 40-second out-of-context clip in which Fauci worries about the use of masks giving people a false sense of security (and concerns about shortages in the first weeks of the outbreak which were the context of all that and conveniently removed by the internet's finest). Let's replace it with a full 17-minute interview from six weeks ago in which Fauci encourages the use of face coverings. Comes at about the 3:50 mark. What Dr. Fauci wants you to know about face masks and staying home as virus spreads | PBS NewsHour You've got to stop reading the way-too-online nuts. They'll lead you to hell before they tell you anything real.
  20. That's the silliest standard I've ever heard. N95 masks and respirators are designed for the maximum protection of the WEARER. It's designed to filter out foreign particles and molecules to protect your respiratory system from all sorts of dangerous stuff. That is NOT the purpose of a cloth mask for your face when you walk in to pick up your carryout from the restaurant down the street. The cloth mask is designed to protect OTHERS from your respiratory emissions. It is just one element of a larger personal responsibility regimen (along with hand washing, social distancing, etc.) to slow the community spread of the disease.
  21. Pub Trivia. Used to play at least one night almost every week. Had our Wednesday night spot and our Thursday night spot. Mostly I just miss going to my favorite bars in Louisville.
  22. Last I saw, the WHO's position on masks was that they weren't taking one and deferring to national health organizations to make their own recommendations, which takes us to the CDC, which recommends masks in areas where social distancing is difficult. I don't know the context of that clip of Fauci, but in that context, he's not wrong. It's also not what we're talking about. He also uses the term "perfect protection", which obviously isn't what we're talking about either. Maybe some context of when he said that and why would be helpful.
  23. There were apparently allegations of sexual misconduct that were found to be "without merit" when they could not be corroborated, according to the USA Today article this morning. If I were put on my "The-Institution-Is-Protecting-Itself-First" conspiracy theory hat, then I'd say this internal investigation found just enough to fire the coaches they needed to fire without finding enough to make the university itself liable for anything.
  24. I can feel my brain biggening from all the awesome science being referred to in this thread. Masks help stop spread. That's it. The CDC says so. Johns Hopkins says so. The Mayo clinic says so. What's the problem here?
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