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  1. I'm curious. What does the talent pipeline look like for SK?
  2. @FrankNicodemus Just catching up here. I do not have any background knowledge. I can tell you that Eric was absolutely well liked by the team. The staff, in general, was great and played different roles. Suli was tough on the girls, and coached them hard. Specific to Eric, my understanding was that he was well respected from a coaching standpoint, but girls appreciated his sense of humor and personality. Not much else to comment on. My personal opinion was that he was great, and they all seemed like a good group of people. Let's be honest, there was't much to be negative about from that season.
  3. My "adopted" Jags ended up being 100% legit. As stated above, and mentioned a few times in these threads, SHA is on another level. This ended being the The Sacred Heart Invitational.
  4. Congrats to Ellie and her family. OU is getting a great kid, and a dynamite soccer players.
  5. I have not heard of this being the case. My guess as to why would be many of both the kids and in particular coaches already have a full slate of club games that include travel, showcases, etc. My guess for what its worth.
  6. I believe both posts above are correct. I don't think Cooper will wilt, and they are a very talented team that is just coming together to play their best ball. That said, Zikayah Johnson is no question a difference maker. I think SHA is just a notch above. SHA also has a defender that guards the point, and she makes it very tough on every opposing offense to get into rhythm. This matchup vs. Friehoffer should be worth watching.
  7. Lady Jags are money from charity stripe. 22-26 is impressive.
  8. Sounds like we are saying "good game, but as the 9th Region stood this past year, NDA would be a solid favorite to win over an All-Star team." Looking at @nees1212 comment, is an interesting scenario. I'm not sure we've seen a team like NDA, and it's incredibly impressive to look at the overall D1 committed kids (and kids that have offers still deciding), within the 9th region.
  9. Gutty performance by the Lady Raiders. NDA had them where they wanted them, and could not close them out. Credit Ryle's defensive effort, a few key shots by Holtman, and they were able to some how wrestle away the momentum. They kept their composure and The Panda's kind of lost theirs. Not what you have expected in the fourth quarter. Great win.
  10. Well, we said the 9th regional was going to be an old school battle royal, so "get your popcorn ready." Might as well get it kicked off with preseason #1 vs #2.
  11. Good job in hyping this, but with The Birds hitting their stride, not sure how close this one ends up.
  12. I think you are missing Kayia Griffin (Ryle) committed to Xavier to your offensive side. She along with Faith in the midfield, would be a tandem that could create various offensive opportunities. Add Kaiyia to your mix above, and would be fun to watch that play out. From a defensive perspective, it is difficult due to the fact that some of the better defensive teams played so many on defense it was tough to see the individual talent. Maggie Yelton (Dixie) has been a solid defender for several years there. The only name I can come up with. It makes me think how frustrating it must be to be a really good defender, and no one knows your name because no one talks about great defensive play in soccer! Agree to not playing at St. Henry, and No, also not playing on any other small grass field!
  13. This topic was brought up on boys basketball forum. How would a 9th region all-star team stack up vs. Covington Catholic this year, and who would you put on the team? It sparked a good conversation, and it was popular opinion that you could put together an All-Star team that would compete against this year's dominant CCH team. @FrankNicodemus suggested, in that thread, that he does not think that a 9th region girls all-star would stack up to this year's undefeated NDA Panda's. In thinking about this, keep in mind that an All-Star team would still have to figure out a way to create quality shots and score vs. that NDA defense, while stopping their "All D1" organized attack. I have my ideas of who I'd have on that team, but for the sake of not taking the fun away from you, let's hear your starting 11, and reasoning how this All-Star team would compete with The Pandas. Or, do you agree with @FrankNicodemus comment and why? Go!!! (And feel free to add thoughts and comments regarding your picks)
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