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  1. Is there a link for best times in the state this year?
  2. Looks like Ryle has a few stud 9th and 10th graders as well. This could be a really fun rivalry over the next few years of teams with top state talent, only a few miles apart.
  3. Get your popcorn ready! Do we know if there is any or what level of attendance will be allowed at Region tournament? I think the matchups of these teams is something to be appreciated live vs. streamed on TV. Most teams struggle with CCH size, but CCH doesn't have that Sr floor leader like in years past. Vinson is a one man wrecking crew. Beechwood and St. Henry are Senior led teams with alot of talent. Of all years, I want to see these games live!
  4. 3000 points is a big deal. It's odd that I'm more intrigued by the lack of commentary vs. the accomplishment itself. 🤔
  5. I'm agreement with all of this thread. Highlands did have a good coach and it showed on the field. I know its safe to say that other teams actually had "coach envy," and would advise not to look a gift horse in the mouth. Kudos to NDA's AD for taking this hire seriously, and landing on Suli. The staff he announced is impressive, will be welcomed, and appreciated.
  6. Bill Lorenz is a Highlands guy and might be an interesting candidate. He used to be a part of NKSA coaching leadership, and I think his daughters have graduated by now.
  7. I saw this team play at least 5 times over the last 2 years. They looked like a very well coached team that always played hard. I have no connection or detail on any of the "drama" mentioned, but it makes sense to me that Alex is moving to the collegiate level. I would think the view of the "younger talent" parents would be disappointed.
  8. Big win for NDA, led by 20 points from Lacey Bradshaw. I watched this game online. Bradshaw and Feldman were very aggressive and effective attacking the basket throughout the game. Sacred Heart has size, speed, and shooting, but were not able to get on track on the road. NDA plays 9-10 kids who all look to be 5'8"-5'10" tall, and played solid team defense. NDA led by as many as 15 in the second half.
  9. I think what matters is that the NDA players and community are ecstatic with this hire.
  10. NDA announced Suli Kayed as new coach. He is also a King's Academy coach, and moving from his current role as Boone County Boy's coach.
  11. Covington Catholic might be the biggest wildcard to move way up or be most disappointing. I'm told Starks grew noticeably. Adding Mitchell Riley to Starks, Colin McHale, and Boydston makes them bigger and much more athletic than last years front line. I heard the Sophomore transfer point guard is the real deal and "special" to play along with Donovan Stocks, Murphy, and Horn. On paper they reloaded in a big way, but this is a mix of kids from OH and transfers. Will they have the leadership and chemistry of the past teams?
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