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Beat Frank's Five - Week 2 Contest

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Here we go for Week #2.  I am hoping for a beautiful week of weather BUT for potentially the future bad weather weeks I was thinking last week after posting all the Game Rules and realized I might need to add a minor additional "rule" to this contest.  NEW RULE:  At a minimum there must be 3 of the 5 games completed in the contest.  For example, due to any reason (more than likely weather) 3 or more of the 5 games Frank chooses are not played during the contest week, we will VOID that contest for the week.  I just didn't want to get into a scenario that only 1 or 2 games end up getting played and having the outcome based on such a limited amount of games. 

Frank's Week 2: Games and Predictions

Conner at NDA (Wed, Aug 17th): Frank's pick = NDA

Dixie at Campbell Co (Wed, Aug 17th):  Frank's pick = Sweet revenge for Dixie, going with Dixie

Highlands at Ryle (Sat, Aug 20th): Frank's pick = Highlands

Cooper at Campbell Co (Sat, Aug 20th): Frank's pick = Campbell County

Wildcard game for the 5th pick:

WKU at Xavier University (Thu, Aug 18th):  Frank's pick = WKU

  • Thought it would be fun to pick a team that has some NKY flair with Natalie Bain (NDA) and Kaia Griffin (Ryle) on the roster at X, I picked WKU so you homers out there could pick potentially the NKY players team.....didn't want you all to have predict against them to win a prize LOL. 
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1 minute ago, FrankNicodemus said:

Looks like nobody "Beat Frank", unfortunately the bad weather on Saturday kept @bballfan7& @Sbreezefrom potentially getting the job done since they still had a different pick than Frank on the Ryle v Highlands game but Mother Nature kept that from happening.

@theguru gets to keep the BGP Prizes lockdown for another week.....


Good job Frank!

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