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  1. Thanks @rjal ! Then I’ll say st Henry ryle nda highlands and assumption tie SK
  2. St Henry and Beechwood tie Ryle NDA Highlands and Assumption tie SK
  3. Ellie Heid - Portland Christian - Asbury University Reese Estep- Madison Southern - Campbellsville University
  4. How far out of the top 10 is St Henry in your ranking? Just like NDA is getting Unkraut, St Henry is getting an absolute stud in Ohio State commit Mandy Schlueter. I'm not sure what all St Henry will have around her, but if they can get her the ball, she will score.
  5. https://linknky.com/sports/soccer/2022/08/02/nky-9th-region-boys-soccer-preview/ Here's a good little article with the coaches perspectives as well.
  6. I get that - everyone plays, but sometimes you can see depth of team from soccerama. But also - those results show you just how hard these 5 are to rank! 😂
  7. I agree, ranking these 5 is hard. Some of it may come down to depth and who can stay healthy. I hear Cov Cath has some pretty good goalie talent upcoming, but what you don't mention is they probably have the best defender in the region in Grey Jordan. I'd love to hear the results from Soccerama - who did everyone play and how did they do?
  8. Austin Johnson - Ryle - committed to North Greenville University
  9. Emma Barnett - Mercy - committed to Ohio University
  10. Mount Notre Dame Ohio. I heard Conner came home with the win too.
  11. Starting to see 2023’s commit. Would love to keep a list of where they are going. Ones I’ve seen: Destiny Thomas - McCracken County committed to Murray State Abby Holtman - Ryle - committed to UC Whitney Lind - Cooper - committed to Lehigh University Any others you’re aware of?
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