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  1. The Mint Julep Tours and Ky. Bourbon Boys Tours are the two most common that come to Bardstown, and both of those originate in Louisville. There are some others but we don't see them as frequently. I'm guessing there are some that originate in Lexington. When tours were open for a few of the places (before the recent shutdown) the distilleries were only doing tour groups of six people max. Obviously that's all closed down right now. Many of the distilleries haven't been doing tours over the past several months (Jim Beam, Four Roses).
  2. Bethlehem is up 37-19 in the 4th quarter. They've been in control most of the way.
  3. District championship. Bardstown is cruising along, having a big shots on goal advantage over Bethlehem and a 2-0 lead, just under 3 minutes to play. And in the final 2:44, there are four more goals scored to send it to OT. Bethlehem draws fouls and hits two PKs to tie at 1:30. Bardstown scores on a header off a FK with :37 left to go back ahead. Bethlehem kicks off deep, gets behind Bardstown defense, and striker finishes to tie it at :22. A minute into the 2nd overtime, the same two girls who put Bardstown up with 37 seconds left finished the game in roughly the same way, but this time a header off a CK to stop the clock. Craziest game I've ever seen, in any sport.
  4. I feel like I have one of those — or something similar — tucked away. Probably with sleeves cut off.
  5. From my experience, Speedway stations are notorious about being the cause behind wild price swings per gallon as the market driver in towns they are located. We have no Speedway stations in Nelson Co., fortunately, and our prices per gallon tend to not be volatile.
  6. Nothing new that's concrete. Of course, there are lots of rumors since NC is a gossipy place. FBI is pretty tight-lipped.
  7. This did not actually happen — Nick was not led out in handcuffs. Nick and Brooks were at two different locations so one could not watch this happen to the other, either. Both were questioned extensively by agents at their homes. No arrests were actually made. Feds searched Nick and Brooks' respective homes for several hours, and they spent more than three days at the family farm searching. IRS agents loaded up a whole van full of boxes and filing cabinets full of documents.
  8. Just been working on the photos as they come in from our people out at the various scenes, and updating our story online as new info comes in. There hasn't really been anything new for a few hours. It's been a wild day. https://www.kystandard.com/content/fbi-takes-over-rogers-investigation
  9. I know there's "Tater Tot," and "Tater Salad" from Ron White. We've got Col'Tater in Bardstown. Not sure the order of the three.
  10. I really wish I could be optimistic about it, but I'm a realist. Like Everett says to Coach Dale: "I just ain't seeing it."
  11. If we get football, Bethlehem will be missing a significant senior class that made big contributions on both sides of the ball, and will be breaking in a new QB. They will be young but there's some young talent too.
  12. I have zero love for musicals as a general rule. It's just too much over-the-top for me (this coming from a Monty Python fan). I have heard some of the songs as I am a regular NPR guy and it comes up on there a lot. I don't dislike what I've heard, but I'm not gonna sit through 2 hours of that stuff.
  13. First time was in a 1976 '98 Olds that we called the Bluesmobile. Aced parallel parking but was flummoxed on the turnabout requirement. Second time was in about an '87 Calais Coupe and passed.
  14. I don't think that's totally how it works. Bardstown's school district lies within Nelson County and TNHS districts. An incoming freshman living within the Bardstown district and also within TNHS district could choose TNHS if they wanted.
  15. Ryan Young is the new Nelson Co. HS boys' coach.
  16. I was told that as well, but I heard yesterday that he had pulled out.
  17. Wouldn't it automatically kick it up to federal court with a hate crimes charge? Which means, if convicted, it's federal prison and not state prison.
  18. Madison, Indiana. Cool old river town.
  19. She also claims that in 1999 her job was to "teach the Ebola virus how to infect human cells," despite Ebola having been doing so since the 1970s. I'm just going to leave this link to an NPR story that ran today right here … Seen 'Plandemic'? We Take A Close Look At The Viral Conspiracy Video's Claims : NPR
  20. Fry up a 1lb package of Italian sausage links. Then light sautee of some fresh shrooms and red bell peppers and onions. Boil some rotini, and mix it all up with some good red sauce seasoned with garlic, basil and oregano, layer on the mozzarella and Romano, and bake.
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