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  1. The sister of the owner bought it and will re-open as Ingram’s Spare Time FORT THOMAS MATTERS: Sparetime Will Have New Owners and May Reopen Next Month Lisa Kremer, sister of Christa Klein, and her family will be the new owners of the restaurant, now called Ingram's Sparetime. Kremer has been working at the restaurant since it was reopened. Ingram's may sound familiar to many who are reading this. Kremer's family owned Ingram's across from Campbell County high school for many years. It closed in 2000, but the fond memories persist. "While working at Belly & Soul I got to know a lot of our community and knew a lot previously who were Ingram’s customers from years ago," said Kremer, who is a California, Kentucky resident. "I guess being a restaurant owner its in blood our since my parents ran Ingram’s. Guess it’s my turn!" Kremer noted she hopes to reopen by October 1.
  2. Or if Thomas More played those 4 and lost by a total of 21 points, should they be ranked in the top 10 in Division III? Just because certain programs play cupcakes to pad their stats, doesn’t mean they are better teams if they have better record.
  3. Question for you Louisville peeps. I’m trying to plan this week. I know the game Thursday is on NFL Network nationally. I may be in a hotel Thursday in Louisville which may or may not have NFLN. Does Louisville show the game on local TV also like Cincinnati does?
  4. I agree and don't consider this an officer involved shooting. This was someone coming from home from work, who tried to enter the wrong apartment, and killed someone. If you take the police out of this, this seems pretty easy for a charge. Manslaughter seems correct, unless she specifically went there to kill him. If it was you or I who did this, we would be charged, as we should.
  5. One of American Pharaoh’s colts from his first crop, sold today for $2.2 million at the Keeneland sales to Godolphin. It was a nice payoff from the $400k paid last November. Godolphin goes to $2.2 million for American Pharoah colt - Horse Racing Nation With the Keeneland September Sale waiting for a yearling to hit the million-dollar mark, a colt from American Pharoah's first crop exceeded that by hammering Monday for $2.2 million, the highest price for a horse this year at U.S. auction. Consigned as Hip 91 in Book 1’s first session, the chestnut colt also proved a successful pinhook for selling agent Peter O’Callaghan of Wood Edge Farm. O’Callaghan also purchased the then weanling for his Cavalier Bloodstock at the Keeneland November Sale, going to $400,000.
  6. They just said week 1 had more roughing the passer penalties than any other week in the past by far.
  7. “The tribe has spoken...it’s time for you to go” Or would you prefer “You are the weakest link....goodbye”
  8. An article about Spare Time closing. Sounds like they just wanted more time for the family. FORT THOMAS MATTERS: Sparetime's Belly & Soul in Alexandria Closes The Kleins told Fort Thomas Matters in that same profile that the restaurant is profitable, but that they weren't in it for the money. They said that running a restaurant can wear on anyone quickly, and both Christa and Kevin value time with their family. Comments Sparetime's Belly & Soul made on their Facebook page back up those sentiments. "This was a heart-wrenching decision as we loved what we built and everyone we met through it. (The decision to close was) not tax-related and business was great. (It was) about having more Jesus and family time in our daily life. Just had to shift our priorities." They also noted that they will be donating the remaining money from the non-profit outreach, Belly & Soul Blessings, to several other nonprofits over the next few weeks. "We want to pass on the love this community helped provide to so many folks in need. Thanks for all the support!"
  9. I will say, I live in a big condo complex, but my building is only 12 units, with 4 units on 3 floors. I have lived there 2.5 years and I bet I could only pick people who live in 2 condos out of police lineup. And I couldn't pick any that live on my floor. I hear people next door, but I don't think I have ever seen any of them. But I hate people and not very social. :sssh:
  10. I am not sure, but on their FB post, someone mentioned good luck on their OTR venture. Do they have business there?
  11. Votto finally had some power this weekend and picked up some RBI's.
  12. They saw Peterman last year in real games and he was terrible. They saw AJ play in real games including a playoff game. There is no way Buffalo should have kept Peterman over McCarron.
  13. After 1st OT, go to college rules and have to go for 2. Let’s get a winner.
  14. I saw that and when called out, “I’ve never seen a tie”. Sure
  15. Pittsburgh was terrible and Browns doing Browns things. +5 in turnovers and can’t get a win. Ben was terrible. Conner with a great game. Bell who?
  16. How does Mccarron not make QB for this team. Peterman 5-18 for 24 yards and 2 int’s To go with his 5 picks in a half last year. I can’t beleive AJ isn’t better than that.
  17. I always forget this until too late. Good luck
  18. I can see going to the wrong floor but once you tried the key and it didn’t work, I would be looking around. Not trying to break in. I have gone to the wrong car and tried to open it up before. And I know many drunk people who went to the wrong place. This one seems a little fishy.
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