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  1. I like to see Brady Dowling , the Freshman head coach apply. Hes done very well.
  2. Lickert would leave in a heartbeat. Hes not qualified though. Hes yet to win a big game.
  3. I never understood the hire anyway. He's unproven and Highlands is high school Royalty. He's had a couple winning seasons. They've had that in Dayton ky.
  4. In his interview he ended with "Beat Colonels" . My kind of guy!
  5. Jamie Reed from South Oldham has applied and interviewed. Wolfe walked the field and field house, did not interview but was offered the job. He is supposed to let them know this week if he wants the job. Lickert applied and interviewed as well. I've also heard 2 college coaches have applied and interviewed. Neither one was a head coach from what I've been told.
  6. We can all agree we dont want Lickert, right?
  7. I believe the award should go to Gillis. Beechwood did not win when they played big competition. It's pretty easy to pad the stat book playing Newport, just my imo.
  8. Charlie Barr came up with the idea, and the can isnt a goal or a gimmick. It's a way to build excitement and momentum following a great play.
  9. I kind of like the turnover can. I think the kids enjoyed it too. I enjoy the traditional things as well running around the goal post etc. Most teams do have some sort of turnover chain, though.
  10. I watch the whole game. I posted Oct 13th on this thread, the award should be his. By this game I dont think he played well enough, just my opinion. Hes definitely a good player though.
  11. Covcath will be a good team but the days of the Mayer brothers, Coldiron etc are behind us. Only time will tell. I think they'll be more of a run dominant team as well.
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