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  1. I'm surprised Conner didn't make it in the top 10.
  2. Sheron is above the rest right now. U.K. commit never hurts either!
  3. Yea I'm not sure on the record. I'm hearing the line is the biggest it's been in years. Hopefully with the help of a few sophomores they can improve on that.
  4. From what I understand Jake Fahlbusch is getting the nod at Qb. Mason South has moved to tail back and middle linebacker. Highlands did pick up a game changer in Bryson Cody I haven't heard what positions he'll be playing.
  5. The talent has been there except at the qb position at least last year. I believe we see a better team this year. I also think alot of the players never come off the field. The program is fine and will always be highschool football Royalty. My opinion is that dropping to 4a would be better. Why not play the class you're in?
  6. I'm thinking Buten goes off this week.Huddy South and Schwalbach will make it a long night for Hicks.
  7. Jason Noe had 2 nice interceptions. Mason South had the first interception to change the momentum and set up for a touchdown. Buten is getting into the groove. The boys are looking forward to this next game.
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