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  1. I agree Cam should be the front runner. Do you think being a 2A quarterback hurts his chances?
  2. Calpreps had Ryle and Conner winning as well before they played.
  3. Its looking more and more like Hergott is the front runner. This is great for nky football!
  4. I think Highlands comes out the gate scoring fast, possibly getting up 14-0 . The 2nd half Covcath comes back to make it a game. With the game final 28-14 Bluebirds on top.
  5. Boyle County may be the 2nd best team in Ky. Rebels by 30
  6. The kids looked like they enjoyed it
  7. Highlands looked really good tonight.
  8. The same guys said Ryle would be too much. Cal preps had Ryle winning, now they changed the score. They may be undersized, undisciplined etc. One thing they have is heart, to come back from a 2 score deficit last week to win says they're unwilling to lay down!
  9. Ryle should definitely run their big full back more often. Hes a big tough kid.
  10. I'm surprised Conner didn't make it in the top 10.
  11. Sheron is above the rest right now. U.K. commit never hurts either!
  12. Yea I'm not sure on the record. I'm hearing the line is the biggest it's been in years. Hopefully with the help of a few sophomores they can improve on that.
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