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  1. Get back to work Covington Catholic High School.
  2. Friday night was just another example of being flat out manhandled. CCH did an outstanding Job at the LOS. They ran down hill all Night.
  3. It is fully supported that kids play other Sports. But not when it's in the Football season. When the Football team works out and or practice, the kids playing are expected to be there. I know Coach Sphire was kind of passive of kids that didn't show up until early July finishing up their Summer baseball but I'm certain I have heard that after Dead Period this year, you're expected to be at Football. Not at some showcase or at some Private Vacation Island elsewhere. The 2022 season will be who wants to be all in.
  4. Yeah there will be Kids that don't come back. Why would they? They're being passed up anyway. When those kids are Playing Summer and Fall Baseball on the Weekends outside of Football, those who choose to Work out and get better at their Craft will show on Friday nights. The problem is, the parents of the kids missing don't get it. It's always someone else's fault that their Kid isn't a getting a Fair shake. Imagine if there were Leagues or opportunity to play Football in March,April and May on the Weekends during Baseball season? What would the Baseball coach think? I already know what Highlan
  5. Yeah and Two Juniors from the State Basketball team from last year have decided not to play and focus more on Football than the other Sport. I firmly believe the football program will also lose some kids namely Baseball players next year as well. I hope not but in order for the Football program to get better, Baseball kids will have to make some Summer and Fall sacrifices that I'm not so sure they're willing to give up.
  6. This is correct. In this League having a good kicker can be deadly.
  7. They had what appeared more Soph's dressing than they did Frosh. Highlands was told about 10 Soph's were playing but it looked like about 16-17. About 30 kids dressed for the game last night. Highlands has I think 33 Frosh and 2 8th graders playing in 2021. Highlands held their own last night and were able to hold Dixie late in the 4th and forced them to punt. HHS got the ball back with a little over 2 mins to go with no T.O.'s. Started from their own 40 or 45 and drove to the 4 yard line and Scored with a TD pass from Haas to Arnold with 9 seconds to go. Sounded like it was a great game. High
  8. How does Coach Ben Nevels handle his Student Athletes? It has to be a similar situation over at Holmes. Is it not? Whatever Coach Nevels is doing over there is working. I'm sure Coach Nevels has his challenges but we rarely hear anything unless it's spoke of. Or are they just Two different personalities between Coach Nevels and Coach Weinrich.
  9. Good to know about the equipment. I'm glad you clarified on that. You said the previous Coach followed the same process for Equipment as Mueller did? Perfect.
  10. There are simply kids in the program that just plain don't know how to Win. Why would they know any different. Noway people thought the New staff was going to flip a Switch. Way too many things broken that needs fixed. Someone told me the other day that Highlands has helmets in their program that are from 2012. What? How can that be? I'm told not all but at least half the program is outfitted in refurbished Headgear. Technology is leaps and bounds better just in the last 5 years much less 9 years ago. Can't believe that's the case. My kid wouldn't be wearing a School issued helmet. Noway! My g
  11. Highlands just can't put the ball on the ground like they did last night and last week against Beechwood and expect to Win. Two fumbles last night were both inside the 10 yard line with One of them was on Highlands 1st drive crossing the Goal Line to Score. Surprised they didn't mark it as a Touchback. It was close. I know CCH was missing some critical players last night but Highlands was missing their best player in Ethan Grimm as well. Injuries are all part of the game. If everyone for both teams is healthy this is still a 3 TD game when Highlands takes care of the Football. Beechwood is sti
  12. LOL Classic. So Highlands has a player ejected because he removes his helmet thinking the game was over while Dixie runs a play with no Officials in sight. 4 of them were on the Sideline with Coach Sphire discussing the outcome for the previous play. So Highlands pulls or reigns their kids in until order is restored but still went out for the final play and it's the Coaches fault? Laughable. You might want to dig into why 4 officials dropped the ball and made a terrible mistake by leaving the ball there to be snapped or didn't have someone holding until the officials returned to the field. Don
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