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  1. Garbage. His daughter pulled some strings for sure.
  2. Maybe when the 9th was "Up", Highlands was just down. It happens. Love how this team plays and with all Kids that are willing to put the work in. It shows. The only shot at CovCath is a neutral court with non 9th officials calling the shots. Maybe then maybe the game will be kept under control. I heard Sat afternoon was a disaster. Whoever gets the 9th Region tourney call has their hands full. CovCath is good and has a very physical team.
  3. NCC is starting to Click. They will be a hard out come Tournament time.
  4. Just like you would expect I would think. Yes Sir and No Sir. Noway there are any current players complaining about not winning or being competitive. Not unless you want to ride the pine. That's human nature.
  5. Good golly I hope so. The 36th is turrible. Good luck to your daughter.
  6. You do that.:lol2:I'm just saying what some people are scared to say in little old Ft Thomas. I'm not really a huge Girls basketball follower but enjoy when all Sports are doing well at a school they follow. Don't we all? Hard to believe Highlands couldn't win and win big with the likes of Tara Booth back in the day. Didn't she go to Xavier and become one of the greatest to play at X? Sure Highlands won but in all perspective not like they should have a couple of those years with the players they had. A couple of trips to the sweet 16 in helps with everything.
  7. Agree but I thought Kevin Listerman couldn't get it done? If you read some of the former player's parents social media rants, you would think he was a Criminal. Maybe their kids just eventually got outplayed or outworked by a younger player. It happens.
  8. Same could be said about the Cincy/Pitt playoff game a few years back. Go back and watch that. If they want to slow the game down then get it right. Hill's knee was down before the ball came out on that last drive. Bengals run the clock out and they get their 1st playoff win in what it feels like a century. Maybe or maybe not did the ball came out of Bowden's hands before he was down but sometimes just because you're being pushed forward that your forward progress isn't or wasn't stopped. Again maybe or maybe not. Just my opinion.
  9. For sure making the trip if Kentucky plays in another Bowl game next year. I'm hearing the last 2 were awesome.
  10. What a great career. Made a lot of money.
  11. How old is Dusty? Not that it matters. Some sports can be coached from the Couch. LOL. J/K
  12. Time to maybe take a year off. Just can't catch a break with field trips.
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