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  1. Maybe Highlands is just worried about getting back to being Highlands 1st.
  2. Male @ Highlands 8/6/2021 Highlands Blue/White Scrimmage 8/13/2021. I believe from what I'm hearing Highlands will also do Sr. night this Night.
  3. Messing with this young man is a Understatement. Good luck to wherever he lands or stays.
  4. Yep you're correct but the experience did get affected by the rule change. Kids now can get a 5th year of meaningful HS Football. Playing up as a 8th grader doesn't count for me. For some it's a wash but there are a select few that it will make a Huge difference. But agree the age limit didn't change.
  5. They played each other in the 1st game of the year in Lexington with Couch putting on a show winning 44-42 I believe. The Semi Final was 40-12 I think in favor of HHS. Not sure about blowing it off if it was a close game but still was certainly a nice gesture on Highlands behalf to honor such a great achievement by Couch.
  6. Yeah I agree but wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of the Variables that comes with his situation allow him to get a pass. One being tuition hardship if there such a thing. And going back to the school where he started and also where he lives, might allow him some leverage as well. After seeing all the rule changes with Covid allowing 19 year olds to play with 15 year olds, nothing would surprise me one bit. A least the Covid rule didn’t allow kids to go from school to school. That would of been a train wreck. In the end I think he stays at NCC. Family is entrenched there and he would be the Top
  7. Yes he was very good. I was there to watch his last HS football game at Highlands In the Semi’s. The Birds Justin Frisk wasn’t about to let Tim steal the show that night. Justin rushed for 311 yards and 4 TD’s that late Nov packed house in Ft Thomas. Justin went on to be the best RB to ever come through Ft Thomas. I do remember that Highlands blew the Cannon off for 1 of Tim’s passing TD’s that Night. The only time it’s ever been blown off for a opposing team or player. Pretty cool.
  8. I walked the Boone Co. field last week. Wow. Very nice
  9. I wonder if Brian Weinrich and Dave Meadows still talk constantly?
  10. Actually I think Behymer would Quit. Weinrich is not relieving any Coach. He couldn't muster it up at Highlands, he's not doing it at Newport. Just my Opinion. Maybe Weinrich can get the Band back together and hire Shelby Jones back for Special Teams.
  11. Noway. Really? Can't see him giving up a sure thing and ride some Coat tails in Ft Mitchell for a couple of years. At least his Red shoes would work at Newport too. Just don't see it. But who knows. There's always a possibility. There are multiple Ex Highlands guys on Staff already and maybe with the addition of Weinrich and Deaton they can get some things righted.
  12. The Kid is a Animal on the Football field. Congratulations young man.
  13. It's all good. Don't think I'm trying to downplay your own kid. Yours along with many others have made great strides this past off season. Just posting what I heard form a reliable source. Enjoy your Son's Sr season. It will go by in a Flash.
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