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  1. The reason I bring this up is because of his recent Application rejection at Highlands. Some feel that it was his to lose and others I have heard on the street say that it’s still too big of a Job for him. His bitterness on Social media in the last couple of days makes me wonder if he should even lead a Pop Warner team. I wonder if he’s looking for his erase button right now. I personally don’t have a Axe to grind with him but his recent antics is a head scratcher to me. Who cares if you didn’t get the job. Now you will never get the Job let alone work in the FTIS system. I thought that was your end Goal. To work in the town you live in. I guess not. Good Luck Steve.
  2. Have you ever sat on a committee with Dale? I haven’t but I have heard there’s Dale’s way and then there’s Dale’s way. No in between. I hear Moyer runs a Flag Football league.
  3. Yes you do. There are a few in the program now that are just unrealistic for their own kids. Those are the cancer. Somehow they think it's okay to call coaches and talk to them about their little Johnny. I'm convinced this is what happened. Coach James was flooded with nonsense that even the seasoned Coach couldn't handle. It's a real shame actually. Most of the parents are really humble but all it takes is One Clown to ruin everything. Someone told me that they think it's the same idiot that poisoned the punch 3 years ago when the former coach was then being ousted only to save the day by starting a resistance. I personally don't know the dude but from what I have heard he's a real charmer.
  4. Yes. Someone thought they had the Scoop. Nothing surprises me anymore with what people will come up with. If it is the name they released then great for them. Still don’t think it’s the right thing to do. Did it name names on where they got their Info from? Or does it matter anymore?
  5. And Championships were won before the current setup. Who cares at this point. Just win.
  6. Exactly. It’s ridiculous actually.
  7. Vinson had a very Nasty Dunk driving through the Paint with about 2:00 to go in the 3rd. Jumped off my couch. Kid is a freak.
  8. It will not be 45. Mark it down. But yeah maybe Monday or Tuesday.
  9. I don’t think 16-17 year olds think the same as you. It only takes 1 player to start a resistance against your coach. Hope you’re right.
  10. Totally agree. I remember when It was talked about on BGP about Billy Donovan was buying a Horse farm in Versailles. Right? How did that turn out? I love BGP. I come here for everything I need to know. But some of the Info in this very Forum is really tough to wrap my head around. That’s just not how schools operate in 2021. Again I don’t think schools with academics like Highlands and many other can afford to operate like the Old school days. Just doesn’t work like that anymore.
  11. You know more than most in Ft Thomas then. And probably more than the Principal himself. That’s the problem. Not your fault but just the reality of it. Speculation at its finest.
  12. This. Times do change but some don’t think it’s for the better. Highlands High School doesn’t operate like it’s the 1970’s anymore.
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