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Ballard vs. Montverde (FL) Predictions 12/5/14

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Can't get a much better test than that. What kind of D-1 looks/offers are their players getting?


I know they have LSU commit Ben Simmons who either is or was at one time the #1 player in the nation in his class. He is the real deal also. Last year Montverde had D'Angelo Russell and it seemed like they had about 5-7 guys going to top notch D-1 programs. Not sure who came back and who graduated but I'd imagine they'll still have at least five D-1 guys on the team.

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Montverde is LOADED.


Ben Simmons is the #1 player in the country for 2015 and committed to LSU.

Marquez Letcher-Ellis is a 6'7 3* Rice commit.

Noah Dickerson is s 6'8 4* Florida commit.

Doral Moore is a 7'0 4* Wake Forest commit.


And they also have a couple more 3* 2015 guards.


If Ballard keeps it within 30, consider it a moral victory. Montverde has the best front court in the country.

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They are extremely good and well coached too. They are a little suspect to pressure as evidenced by only a 10 point win over one of Florida's be public school teams who presses the whole game AND were without their point guard, but I am not sure Ballard is as good as the team they played but they do play similar styles. I was very impressed with Ballard though when I watched them online today vs Scott County, but they'll need to press much more to have a remote chance and they'll have to shoot it as good or better than they did vs SC. Good luck to them.

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