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  1. Louisville by 7 or 8. Length and size advantage too much for the Sparty's.
  2. Super 25 Boys Varsity Football Expert Rankings, week 15 Football Rankings - MaxPreps Top 10 holds in HSFB100 update - NationalHSFootball.com Unless I read the post wrong, here are 3 different national rankings who have Male in the top 15 in the country.
  3. can you provide a link to where you saw this please?
  4. Anonymous eye witness accounts. Who verified the text messages, and how did they verify? What did those text messages say that were verified?
  5. I don't disagree they need to be better on offense.
  6. I agree that X can't go into the game saying get 5 turnovers we win. But like I said, I was speaking on his generalization in regards to turnovers. X can go into the game saying if we win the turnover battle then we have a good shot at winning vs anyone.
  7. I was asking a question to the generalization you made. You said "you can't rely on turnovers to win a game". Teams across every level rely on turnovers to win games.That is the defacto difference in winning and losing a game. Creating turnovers.
  8. :lol: tbh I've been so caught up with Louisville basketball that I haven't even paid attention to highschool football.
  9. The length is my reasoning for taking them as well.
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