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  1. I think more people eat Well Done than the poll reflects based on personal experience. They just aren’t saying so out of fear of being shamed. I’m a Med Rare guy myself.
  2. Bloodsport (just the original, not 2) Kickboxer (the original, none of the terrible sequels) Shawshank Redemption Goodfellas Tombstone
  3. New Wave Buritto x2 Bearnos The Public House Next on the list - Taco Choza, Rivercity Drafthouse (open tomorrow for first time) and Havana Rumba soon when their online ordering is up and running.
  4. Great series. Wife and I loved it along with the other one he has on Netflix...the name of that one escapes me at the moment.
  5. Edward Snowden Elon Musk Bernie Sanders Tulsi Gabbard Jocko Willink Dakota Meyer Dave Goggins Neil Degrasse Tyson Mike Tyson Tim Ferris Lance Armstrong Jordan Peterson Rhonda Patrick Anthony Bourdain Those are just the ones that come to mind. Do a google search on his best guests. I may have already named them. He has a lot of people that I've never heard of and they have been facinating.
  6. I'm cueing this up as soon as I'm back in my car. Had no idea so much had happened and the connections that they all seem to share
  7. Ah yes, the grumpy old man complaint. I've seen lots of that on my "neighborhood" app. I understand why they moved it though. It was a complete washout last year if I remember correctly. That's how it always seems to go...make a change to prevent something and it turns out that the change was not needed.
  8. I'll need to give it more time before I decide
  9. You typically only have a few hits off a joint/blunt/bowl/bong, etc. Cigarettes are consumed in very high numbers. Even if it's a few hits everyday, it's nothing compared to a pack of heaters per day.
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