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  1. Chris Lofton and company set the bar high and IMHO they over achieved several years themselves. Winning a state title with no kid bigger than 6'3" was a phenomenal achievement. I can tell you Brent Bach was at every game during that era as a kid watching and learning....... Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.
  2. Whenever someone says Brent Bach, Jason Hinson or Brian Kirk, did X , I am always quick to say; and they will always say, it was never one person. It was everyone including and especially the assistant Coaches. Crawford, Snapp & White are knowledgeable, dedicated, and do what they do for love of the school and kids (they probably make 10 cents an hour maybe) and IMHO are the best coaching staff in the region and possibly the state.
  3. Don't know but if it ever happened had to be Brossart. Mustang, TAC?
  4. TY for the compliment. I'll pass that along. The Bellarmine team is coming to visit us today.
  5. Must be an acquired talent. He drew Mason 3 years in a row when he was at Augusta and Mason was ranked in the top 15 statewide all 3 years. It did work out OK 2 out of 3x though..........
  6. You are correct, I mistyped it. GRC Campbell Paris Scott. TY for clarifying for me.
  7. I'm hoping they win it simply because they can pull off the Class "A" & regular region titles the same year. Very, very hard to do most years.
  8. I know this will fall on deaf ears but please accept this a statement as stated and not a knock on BC: from a pure fan perspective, I wish Clark would have drawn Harrison. A Harrison vs' Campbell and Scott vs' Paris semis would be the most competitive this tournament could have been purely from a fans perspective. I think we all agree that those 4 teams separated themselves from the pack by quite a distance through out the season. However, with that said, I'm always happy to see the upset............. I'm from Augusta and that became our "calling card". It's really hard to string 3 good games together in such a short period of time for any HS team but anybody playing has an opportunity to do that........It's one and done or advance now.
  9. Thank you Mammaw. You are 100% correct about this young man. He's accomplished much for BCHS in X-Country. Put them on the map in that sport in a big way.
  10. Totally agree. WV is a very nice team and they're young too and this region is not close to being the worst.
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