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  1. Both Johnson and the freshman they have (Justin Powell) are going to be special.
  2. Do have to remember that in that CAL-Male matchup that CAL lost 6-0, CAL's star QB Nathan Christmas broke his collarbone on the very last play on a Hail Mary. He was out for the playoffs and he was probably the best player on that CAL team. Those teams are pretty even though. I think CAL 2016 has more star power than that Desales team, but that Desales had good talent level in every spot.
  3. He can also shoot the lights out. Not to offend anyone, he does flop (IMO) a lot on the defensive end and also on the offensive end. He makes his teammates better and is in the right spot at the right time. tcjkbt, I would say he is approximately 6'3 or so (maybe a little taller) and can play either guard position, but I would say he is better with the ball in his hands. I'm pretty sure he is 2016
  4. I keep seeing on Twitter where two of the out of state teams - Gainesville (GA) and Miami Senior (FL) - in the loser's bracket got into a brawl and the game had to be suspended. Also heard that police escorted people out. Anyone else know more details?
  5. By the way, Carson Williams almost broke the rim on a dunk in the first half. Best dunk I've seen in a long time.
  6. Most of the time he would. He would kick it out and the guards would keep shooting threes, but made only a few (out of many taken).
  7. The quadruple team held Williams to little to none points in th second half. Then Trinity used their four corners offense the whole fourth quarter.
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