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  1. Wow. I missed a few days and things got really interesting on the 2A threads. So... this game should be epic. A few thoughts from a neutral party.... 1. CAL definitely played in a hostile environment last week where the crowd is literally right on top of you. 2. Each team has one big advantage - Mayfield's is that they don't have to travel. The home team has won this meeting each year that their opponent has had to make the long trip. CAL's advantage is the same one they always have - they have the best player on the field by a considerable margin. Which one of those wins out? We'll see. 3. CAL is filled with swagger. Not just during the game, but before the game. I was close by when Mayfield came on to the field last year at CAL. CAL was doing a lot of woofin' and nothing would surprise me in the pre-game on Friday. 4. CAL's defense is extremely physical. The guys I was sitting with last week were commenting on how hard they were hitting, even when DeSales was moving the ball in the first half. They were laying the wood - rib injury ended the night for our best RB in the first quarter and shoulder injury to the QB in the third quarter. Should be a barn burner Friday night!
  2. GCHS - your observations are spot on. The game did indeed change on the plays you mentioned. After Wright returned the second half kickoff, DeSales was toast. If they weren't they definitely were shortly after that when the QB got hurt on the following series. You are correct about the stadium - exactly. Coach Davis does not want the Colts in front of the bleachers. Every game for two seasons has been the same set-up. And yes, Wright is a junior!
  3. Way to go Ads. These last two weeks are going to be something. Sad that my Colts won't be part of it, but that's the way it goes. CAL-Mayfield in War Memorial should be a classic!
  4. DeSales lost their best RB early in the first quarter, and their QB early in the third, but it was because CAL was popping them. They played extremely physical football, and they have a sophomore lineman who was pancaking people over and over. I learned after the game that he got an offer from UL today. He's just a sophomore. I said on one thread that somebody would have to bring it to beat the Colts. CAL brought it, and then some.
  5. I've watched Milton Wright for three years now, and this guy is simply a joy to watch. Nobody single-handedly wins a football game, but he came close. DeSales was up 3-0 at the end of the first half. CAL throws a Hail Mary, Desales has at least two guys that commit pass interference against him, and he overpowers them and comes down with the ball. Then he returned the second half kickoff for a TD. He changed the game in about 15 clock seconds. He added a 3rd TD from about 40 yards out later from the Wildcat. I mention in the game thread that I think they under-utilize him. He got less than 10 touches, maybe only 7 or 8. If he had touched the ball 15-20 times it would have been worse.
  6. And Wright is simply a men among boys. Mr. Football candidate for sure next year.
  7. Touchdown Wright. And classlessness had broken out on both sides. CAL players taunting Desales fans. Colt fans act like idiots and start yelling at the players. CAL coaches start pointing at the scoreboard. EXTREMELY bad look for both teams.
  8. I don't know what an "AN" is. Stupid spell check. That should be QB.
  9. 3rd and 24. CAL throws a corner route to Wright. Desales has three guys around him. He jumps up above everyone, tips the ball to himself and catches it. But he was out if bounds. Still an unbelievable play. 17-3 CAL with 10:30 left.
  10. 17-3 CAL. Quite frankly, they're under-utilizing Wright. He's touched the ball four times and scored twice.
  11. Wright is a superstar. Returns 2nd half kickoff for a TD. 14-3 CAL. It's a privilege to watch this guy play.
  12. WOW! Milton Wright comes down with the Hail Mary with 12 seconds left in 1st half. Desales passed on a chop shot field goal and got stooped on 4th down. 7-3 CAL at half. CAL with only 2 first downs but has the lead. Desales best RB hurt in 2nd series and shoulder pads are off.
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