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  1. They're "statistical" in that they're a numerical result of a formula. But they have nothing to do with points spreads. Think of the entire group of teams from top (Covington Catholic, 137.3 rating) to bottom (Jenkins, 1.0). CovCath wouldn't be a 136.3-point favorite over Jenkins. CovCath is simply 136.3 points ahead in the rating number. I guess the number really has no actual "value" other than to give an indication of whether the team went up or down from week to week and who would be "favored" in a given matchup.
  2. Believe what you want about the rankings, but the points are not meant to be a point spread. It's simply a numerical rating based on the formula.
  3. Man, how long are you going to be bitter about it?
  4. It's a darn shame Coach Johnson has to come on here and defend himself and his program because people think Waggener should be a state-championship contender by virtue of having two D1 prospects. Back-to-back 6-5 seasons is a darn-near miracle for that program when you consider where it was before Coach Johnson took over.
  5. Based on preseason expectations, PRP is WAAAAAAY too low. But those are just preseason expectations. We shall see.
  6. Let the complaining commence :lol2: Top 1 candidates for Kentucky's 217 Mr. Football award
  7. Here ya go ... Trinity football to face Indiana, Ohio, Florida opponents in 2
  8. Confirmation on the well-traveled rumor: Ex-Central coach Scroggins joins staff at DeSales
  9. If you don't report stats, don't EVER cry about one of your kids not getting postseason awards. EVER!!!
  10. Doss names Henderson County's Stone new basketball coach
  11. So you'd rather have one sportswriter (me) picking the All-State team than 90 coaches?
  12. He committed in January. He just signed two days ago.
  13. Here's a link: Introducing the Courier-Journal's Kentucky all-state girls basketball teams
  14. Here's a link: http://www.courier-journal.com/story/sports/preps/kentucky/2017/04/14/c-j-all-state-boys-basketball-teams/100468660/
  15. Thought this might be of interest: KHSAA commissioner Julian Tackett discusses future of Sweet 16s
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