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2011 Boys' Kentucky All-Star Basketball Roster

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The 2011 Boys' Kentucky All-Star team have been announced.


Congratulation to 2011 Kentucky Boys' All-Stars



We have selected 12 boys to play at this years Anthem Kentucky / Indiana Basketball Classic Game. Click Here, if you would like to see the Full 2011 Boys' Kentucky All-Star Team Roster. Congratulations to everyone who made it. Thanks to everyone who tried out. Check back often for the latest news on the Kentucky All-Star Basketball teams.


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First off, congrats to all those who made the team. I look forward to watching this game at Bellarmine on June 10th.


Secondly, I would love to hear how the coaches came up with this team and how and why they chose each individual player just so I can understand the process they used to pick this team.



Thirdly, I am not going to pick and choose who should be off and on the team in my opinion. I wasn't at tryouts nor do I have a say in who makes the team. I will say I am definitely surprised that Kimbro, Parker, Shanklin, Jackson and Knipp didn't make the team.


Good luck to those who made it and good luck to the team. I look forward to the game.

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In a Friday night and a couple of sessions on Saturday, how could you determine who is the better 12 out of 40 boys. Not that I care much but it just seems impossible. Congratulations to those who were selected.

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I was there both days, what a joke. Very disappointing, not going to waste my time and money to see this team. Congrats to those who made it, sorry to those deserving that didn't for what ever reason.

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