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  1. 10th region--Gerry Calvert, Chris Lofton, Deron Feldhaus,,Ronny Lyons, Larry Wood, George Cooke, Fred Walker, Clay Evans ,Alvin Simms and Chris Harrison. Can't just pick 5.
  2. Ruggles and Fite were both very tough and very competitive. Jack Applegate would be my number 2 pick for Tollesboro but didn't play much because of bad knees and had several operations. He was as tough as they came.
  3. Shunway passed away about a month ago and Howard died years ago. Shunway played in the early 50"s .
  4. I've watched Tollesboro from the late 40's until they closed. My pick would be Chris Harrison , Al Bane, Marty Voiers, Bob Bane and Mike Thoroughman and Dewy Bryant. For Lewis Co , Jim Bloomfield, Harold Billman, Eddie Scott, Ralph Davis and Tracy Shunway and Johnny Lykins. Just my opinion.
  5. But EKU didn't have their big boy which would have made some difference.
  6. I don't buy that at all. Just a lame excuse.
  7. If that was the case back when I was coaching, the games wouldn't have been 45 minutes long.
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