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  1. I'm not a big man by any stretch of your imagination, but that one feller for Paris looked like a grown man out there!
  2. Just getting home from the game and what I expected to happen happened! Crawford doesn't have much help and what supporting cast he has, didn't show up tonight! Hamilton nearly always a solid contributor struggled at the line tonight. Paris's athletes too much plus they have a solid coach in Brooks!
  3. Shannon isn't even best player on her team. Cummins, Mikayla Bishop of PC, Stapleton (Scott), Flowers (Clark) But one no one mentioning that will be top player for several of the next few years is Kennedy Igo.
  4. Coach Hinson definitely learned a few things from the meeting a couple weeks ago. Like his team can't guard them man to man. I expect coach Hinson to have a few tricks up his sleeve. The score won't be lopsided either way, but Coach Miles and his Polar Bears ride their hot streak in to the finals. Polar Bears 65 Panthers 59
  5. Majority were from the 10th, and honestly a lot that followed basketball remembered him from his coaching days at Bellevue.
  6. Anyone have this list for girls? Saw it on boys thread
  7. After speaking with several coaches in the 9th/10th regions Coach Menifee is not well liked by his peers and for that reason probably won't garner many votes. For the record that shouldn't take away from the job he's done'!
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