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  1. Between Gillispie and Monroe Im not sure if there will be enough shots to go around.
  2. Falmouth isnt any further than it was to Mt. Sterling from Georgetown. Wondering what about the other coaches in the running make you feel that they could be long term?
  3. A lot of the kids that play basketball at MC also play other sports. I know they have several baseball players, soccer, AAU, etc. Now, that is NO excuse not to attend, but as MCraycraft stated, where are the parents in this equation and why didnt they make their kids go? I truly do not think the lack of numbers was anything against Wise, I think it was more of playes and parents upset with the entire situation and the way the school as a whole has been ran.
  4. Not sure where it is but I do know that it is an NCAA D2 school that participates in the GLVC conference. Nice sign for Fatkins
  5. I think Billy Ray will serve more as the top advisor more so than the top assistant. Billy Ray runs the local water company and has many duties that accompany that job, not to mention two young kids that are involved with activities of their own. Billy Ray will be at the practices as much as he can, but he understands his priorities.
  6. I think since the topic is related to coaching, it is clear that Montgomery got the better hire. Happy is a proven leader and winner. I think he is the fastest coach to reach 100 wins AT ANY LEVEL along with many other coaching accolades. We will just have to wait and see how this translates to high school basketball. Harden may get to that point one day, but as for today, Montgomery got the better deal.
  7. He does a good job. The man deserves to be at place where he can coach and not have to worry about all the other "extra curricular activities" that he had to deal with. Tony Wise #1
  8. Watch out, Happy may know some Geometry now. I could see his class now, relating angles to backdoor cuts and screens and finding the arch needed for a perfect three point jump shot. He is a product (sort of ) of Georgetown College and they have a repuation of producing top notch teachers in KY!
  9. Really dont think Hundley would leave Woodford for Dunbar, I think he has it better at Woodford.
  10. But hiring a good coach to build the program is a step in the right direction. Bourbon has the talent to compete more-so than what they have been.
  11. ^ Hearing the same news, that is Dan Browns job if he wants it. I've also heard word that Tony Wise has at least some interest in the job. That would be an INTERESTING district match up with Montgomery and Bourbon usually playing 3-4 games a year!
  12. He is still on staff as an assistant. I think he runs the water company in town. Still very involved with the kids and community.
  13. What about the man, the myth, the legend, Billy Ray Fawns??????????????????????????? Could we see him on the sidelines running the show or he is too much of a Sterling icon for the administrations liking?
  14. I think when all the details come out a lot of people will be shocked, but I have heard from people in high places in MC that all they are waiting for is Happy to accept (and of course he could change his mind) and that he will be getting a lot of money. Probably a lot of different duties with little to no responsiblities (Billy Hicks package).
  15. Just curious and you dont have to respond, what are the biggest complaints you might have or others might have against that hiring (Tony Wise)?
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