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49ers 23 Cowboys 17

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Just an ugly game.  Dallas' O-line was dominated for much of the contest, but penalties caused them a lot of problems.  There should be a house cleaning after this game, but the one person that needs to go the most - Jerry Jones as GM - won't.

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5 minutes ago, Jumper_Dad said:

I can't remember off of the top of my head ever seeing defensive holding called on a lineman hold an offensive lineman before. We got it twice in this game by the same dude.

I’ve seen it before. The last one was blatant and unnecessary. Cowboys discipline did them in. 

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38 minutes ago, Voice of Reason said:

The refs giveth and the refs taketh away.

The re-spot of the ball on that Samuel run was a complete joke.


I don't know, the ref was hustling and was cut off.  I can't blame the refs on this one, I blame the Cowboys for running the ball in that situation.  They were crushing it throwing the ball and then boom a run and done.

I thought the 49ers pretty much dominated the game until the end. 

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