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Brandon Housely To Holmes

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This is not good news for Holmes opponents. While Housely might not have the impact that he would have at Newport, he still may be considered on of the top 10 juniors in the region going into next year and his game seems like the type that would fit well into Holmes system.

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If all of the other Holmes transfers were cases of players returning to their roots at Covington Holmes, what is the case for this one?


The cities of Newport and Covington are adjacent to each other, right?


Can anybody switch schools as often as they like just by switching their apartment or house? If so, then it would seem there is no such thing as a basketball-only transfer from the standpoint of those who govern.


This is a huge pickup for Holmes to help fill the guard position vacated by Henderson and a big loss for Newport. This is not just a case of any old player transferring. He is another impact player transferring in his senior year to an already loaded program. It smacks of the AAU allstar mentality where the best athletes congregate at one school.

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