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  1. It was a very entertaining game overall. Do they give out Coach of the Year and Player of the Year for the District? If so, Ben Nevels and Tayquan Calloway should both get the nod.
  2. Dogs played well and took advantage of turnovers. Two pick 6’s...one by Foster and Tay Calloway. Tylon Tate had a 97 yard catch and run and Tay Calloway tacked on two touchdowns and I believe the QB Quantez Calloway added one. Tay Calloway was close to 200 yards rushing on the night. Scott has a solid team and Perrin is a nice back but they had a boatload of personal foul penalties. Holmes has some size on their line to compete with teams in their class. Good for the Dogs to build some momentum..
  3. Dogs win after a 1 yard plunge with under 20 seconds to go. Dogs trailed 20-19 until Quantez Calloway put the Dogs ahead and secured their first district win in as many attempts in Morehead tonight.
  4. Holmes lost their Qb Quantez Calloway after the second play to an ankle injury, after the first play was a long pass completion. After that Boone loaded the box. Holmes defense performed admirably considering being given poor field position all night. Think both teams will get better as the year progresses.
  5. Valiant effort from the Bulldogs tonight. Essentially playing only 6 players and hung in there until the final buzzer. Coach Carr's did a really good job of hanging in there with their 2-3 zone and utilizing some halfcourt trap at times to create turnovers. Dozier did a yeoman's job on the the boards and with crafty shots around the rim. Ryan Green did all he could to keep the Dogs in there and I feel they began to tire late third and into the 4th quarter. I think this game is something really positive for the Bulldog program going forward. Develop some more underclassman and create more depth and play like Coach Carr wants to play. They all battled and kept it close. I thought the dagger was Disken's 3 at the end of the 3rd quarter that rattled around the rim and off the board to push the lead to 8. Thelen was really good in the 3rd quarter. CCH is so darn big and will be tough for anyone to handle in the paint. CCH along with Cooper are on a collision course for the region title and I don't think that is a surprise. CCH just had too much size and mauled the Dogs on the boards.
  6. Second shot always beats you. Should have never come down to that shot. Give Tigers credit. Solid team whose length bothered UK. Cats didn't shoot it well enough and when they needed stops, they did not get them.
  7. Dogs have been in a rut over the last few weeks with sickness and other variables not allowing Coach Carr to have a full squad. The team lacks experience and has been missing one of their best players in Ryan Green. Going to take time but Coach Carr will get them back on track.
  8. All about tempo... SK was scoring in early offense and really moving the ball around for open looks. On defense it was a little 2-2-1 halfcourt into an extended 2-3. Best post defense is ball pressure and SK did a great job of taking away easy post ups and forcing WV to use Miles as a pressure release off the block...got him out of the post and made him more of a passer than scorer. SK’s blitz out of the half was just enough to hang on. The last few minutes saw SK turning it over, fouling and taking tough shots. WV was able to get to line and tempo slowed. The Neace kid is going to be a problem for opponents the next 3 years. SK plays a fun style and I like their guards. WV’s Miles will be interesting to watch as he develops in college. Thought he played pretty well and is a really good player. Hats off to SK on getting the win and to WV for clawing back into it.
  9. Ryan Green led the way for the Dogs with 17. Foster chipped in 15. Schumate led Dixie with 21.
  10. Halftime at Dixie Heights. Holmes 35 Dixie 28 Calloway with 4 triples in the first half.
  11. Gallatin has a nice little team. Play solid defense and spread it out and run their stuff. Holmes will get better as they gain experience. Not many who took the floor last night played any significant minutes other than Tico Pouncy. Unfortunately West High cancelled their scrimmage versus Holmes on Saturday morning so Holmes only got to play one scrimmage in the preseason. They just need to gain experience and played a lot of kids. They have a couple of promising sophomores and one of their first players off of the bench was injured in the JV game and didn't play in the varsity game.
  12. Unfortunately, Cal is trailing for all of the bigs he has recruited this year. Unless he pulls a late surprise but most Crystal Balls have all the elite bigs leaning elsewhere. Vernon Carey will trim his list to three in the next couple of days and its doubtful UK will be in the final 3. It's kind of odd, because UK will need at least 1 or 2 bigs with the expectation that Washington goes pro and the chances of Montgomery and Richards bolting.
  13. Wandale Robinson making his announcement tomorrow. Nebraska has been the presumed leader and a lot of smoke leading up to the announcement that he will go with Big Red and play the hybrid "Duck-R" position for Scott Frost. However, tonight there has been some heat coming in for UK.
  14. I'd say it is Cov.Cath. and Cooper at the top then there is a logjam. I think some are sleeping on Beechwood. There is a fair amount of optimism brewing in Ft. Mitchell for the roundball.
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