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  1. Games is getting out of control. Tempo is insane.
  2. Perhaps "senior leadership" was the wrong term. All I meant to illustrate is that this team isn't young, although, as noted, they aren't experienced at the varsity level. PM me about the "scene on the bus."
  3. True...which leads to another gripe of mine with Coach L's- an unwillingness to cut people beyond their sophomore year. In the last 4 years, here are how many seniors have been around: Class of 2006: 6 Class of 2007: 4 (but a player quit and a player transferred after junior season) Class of 2008: 5 Class of 2009: 6 Class of 2010: 7 Class of 2011 (current juniors): 8 So, we have all these kids who have put a ton of time to the program, but haven't done much on the varsity level. It takes time to adjust to the Varsity level, and CovCath has benefited when players start early at Varsity- top players in recent years such as Nestheide, B. Votel, Tierney, Jacobs, Bovard, Maile were 2-year starters (and all played Varsity their sophomore years). Ironically, the senior-heavy rosters, I think, is a result of the success of the 2004 team with 6 seniors, but that class was unique in talent and depth. But that team was also experienced, and in order to do that, you have to cut some fairly talented kids, so the best ones can excel. It sucks, but it is for the best of the program.
  4. Absolutely. This team is deep, talented, and has plenty of senior leadership. A high ceiling, but plenty of work to do.
  5. I can't blame Trevor for not wanting to come out- if you come out, you never know when you are going back in. After following CCH for 7 years, I still can't figure out Coach L's substitution patterns. Austin Hudepohl did not play the entire 2nd Half. Why? Who knows. Clearly, CovCath was having trouble breaking the press, but Coach L didn't give any one (specifically, any non-senior) the chance to break it. As noted, this team has major, major issues breaking the press. Furthermore, Thelen was killing them down low, and his touches decreased significantly in the 2nd half. The Colonels have only 2 plays designated for big guys- the same 2 plays they had in 2005-2007- and they are extremely predictable. After Thelen killed them in the 1st quarter, they merely upped the pressure on the guards (specifically on the wing) and the Colonels could hardly get a shot off. And before someone tells me, "How could Thelen not have had enough touches, he scored 20+?"- he probably only had 8 or 9 posts in the low post, and at least 6 of those came in the first quarter. I love Coach L- but last night, it was clear that CCH was outcoached. St. X made adjustments, didn't turn the ball over as much (although I don't have the stats), set the tempo, and made their free throws. CovCath didn't do any of those things.
  6. St. X comes back after ending the 1st quarter down 20-5. Is St. X any good this year?
  7. At the age of 26, this former University of Georgia and NFL QB threw for over 3,000 yards and led his team to a 10-6 record and a playoff spot in 2003, but was out of the league less than 2 years later. Who is he?
  8. If you are saying that no one on this board really knows the reason, then why are you defending someone's right to claim something that they don't know? Are we all entitled to make false claims, but no one can reject the false claims of another? If LRCW says that DeAndre Liggins is the President of Tulavu, can I say that is not true? Or must I know that the President of Tulavu is Ian Fry before I can disclaim LRCW's false statement?
  9. What we have here is a failure to miscommunicate...that is what "fixed" means. It's also what Tim Donaghy apparently claims.
  10. SSC- while I don't necessarily agree with what you are saying, kudos to you to keeping an open mind to something you were initially opposed to. Rate sight on this site. (pun intended)
  11. I would have. And I would have been wrong, in that case. That doesn't mean that Donaghy's telling the truth. Until I see dozens agreeing with Canseco's claim, I'll resist the urge to be the first to call out the conspiracy theory.
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