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  1. Tubby is working on an extension at Minnesota.
  2. I wonder if it has more to do with some of the childish (or immature, as he put it in the speech) behavior that some of the players and their parents had. The situation with Orton leaving the bench, a comment he made about the only important color being green (and I expected him to say blue too, but he didn't), and other immature situations that went on behind closed doors.
  3. I hate that Calipari runs a loose program, and rival fans refer to that as cheating or bending the rules. A tighter-run program saves him the UMass situation, in my opinion.
  4. From CatsPause: In Hawaii it means "cover your okole." Okole is the Hawaiian word for butt.
  5. Does that mean a 17-16 Carolina gets into the tournament?
  6. A lot of stuff went on this year, that won't go on next year. ... Stuff surrounding the program... it will not go on next year. This is not a CYO team. I wonder what type of stuff exactly Calipari is talking about...
  7. "He said he had been watching my game films and he liked how I played," Justice told The Courier-Journal. "I don't know right now, he told me to talk it over with my family. But he said I was the type of player he was looking for." "I really like Louisville though," Justice said. "I feel like that is the better fit for me, right now."
  8. I didn't expect him to quit either, but many players that leave for the NBA do not attend class the second semester. Not saying Cousins is or isn't one of those types of players, but it is interesting, nonetheless.
  9. I think the Cousins situation is less certain than most of you believe. He was in class today at UK...
  10. Perhaps not the best example considering new mocks have Bradford going #1 to the Rams, who will host him three days prior to the draft.
  11. There has been some scuttle that Patterson and Cousins could return. Of course, this could simply be based on emotions right now but it's something to take notice of. On Cal's radio show today, he said he told the players to "not go to the NBA this year if it's for the money." Of course, different situations are in play involving Bledsoe and guaranteed money for him with troubles his family seems to be having. How monumental would it be if Cousins and Patterson both returned? Additionally, if you're going to post a reply saying "it's not gonna happen," etc, then don't mind even doing it. Obviously there are reasons a player wants to return. Not everyone is enticed about money like others are.
  12. I think he can shoot it. I just don't know if he can make it.
  13. But not everyone will make Antoine Walker money.
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