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  1. I don't necessarily agree that the events of this play are the exact same as the Johnson play. I see a true football move being made after maintaining possession through two full steps. To me, the rules define the end of the play as the time in which a player is ruled down by contact, assuming he has established full possession prior to, and through the duration of the football move. I won't admit to being an expert on the rules. That is simply how I have interpreted them through the years. FWIW, I'm not a fan of either team (NYJ shoutout). This ruling just doesn't sit right with me. Especially since it was overturned from the original call.
  2. Do you believe he had possession prior to getting both feet down?
  3. Is the football move not completed at the point in which the receiver's opposite elbow hits the ground and is ruled down by contact? He was ruled down before the ball ever even hit the ground because the other elbow hit first. Can we all agree on the following: Dez caught the ball with two hands. He got both feet down while maintaining possession and even switching the ball to a single hand. He lunged towards the goal line, extending the arm with the ball in an attempt to cross the goal line. His off-ball arm hits the ground, followed shortly after by the ball hitting the ground and coming loose. Is there any argument against that description of the events that took place in this play?
  4. Don't really get the whole gender identity thing. This isn't a gender identity crisis; it is a matter of personal preference. I don't care if the kid wants to wear dresses, play with dolls, be a ballerina, or have a boyfriend. The fact remains that this child is a boy. That is its identity. Male. A male with stereotypically female interests perhaps, but still a male. Social conditioning only tells us that the boy's alleged preferences are more in-line with what we perceive as girly. Let that be his identity, not some false persona of a different sex. This world gets crazier by the minute...
  5. I'd love to discuss what happened at the end of the game, but Time Warner apparently decided the last 30 seconds of the game would be a perfect time for a monthly test of the Emergency Alert System. Brilliant!
  6. Athleticism... I would define that as: Speed Agility Strength Explosion Hand/Eye Coordination Endurance I like the Lacrosse answer as what sport REQUIRES the most athleticism. As for which sport HAS the best athletes, I will go with basketball. I think there is a natural tendency for the best athletes to gravitate towards one of the 4 major sports in basketball, football, soccer, and baseball.
  7. I'm pretty inconsistent on my finishes, but I can dunk on occasion. Haven't done it in a game though, and probably won't until I develop some consistency. I don't play enough anymore to gain that consistency though. Luckily, I've still got a few prime years left in me.
  8. Pro V1's I buy them by the bag full when I go to Ashland. $1 per ball at Austin Hill (used but in great condition).
  9. I saw it yesterday and I'm unsure of why anyone would be disappointed. I went in expecting a great movie and got a great movie. For anyone interested, you have to make it through about 7 minutes of credits to get the extra scene.
  10. My sister is actually pretty good friends with her. It appears that this is actually a bigger factor than many would believe.
  11. PP92, do you have a list of who placed where?
  12. Heard about a deal through a friend the other day, so if you're in the Lexington area, you may want to give it a look here. For $89.99, you get a pass to play 18 holes with cart at the following 6 courses: Tates Creek Golf Course Picadome - Gay Brewer, Jr Course Kearney Hills Golf Links Lakeside Golf Course Connemara Golf Course Gibson Bay Pass goes on sell April 19th.
  13. Playing Sunday morning at Connemara. Second round of the season, and just got a brand new cart bag!
  14. I've never played Risk. I'm going to try it out and if I'm any good, I'll try to get in a game with you all soon.
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