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  1. This is a rule I would like to see in the NBA. I wouldn't want this to trickle down to the NCAA's or high school, though. It is tough enough to score at the lower levels, IMO.
  2. The league would be willing to revisit in 2019 because in that time the law could be changed. I'm willing to bet that if this law remains on the books, the NBA wouldn't put the game there.
  3. Forbes Welcome The NBA is trying to target the LGBQT market. This decision to move the game, Adam Silver walking in Pride Parades, the public support of Jason Collins; the NBA monetizes these decisions, IMO. If this represented any significant economic risk, they wouldn't get involved. Charlotte estimates moving the NBA's All-Star Game out of the city means a loss of $1 million - Jul. 22, 216 It seems like the NBA is aligning with some major businesses and potential partners. Charlotte is losing a ton, but there no mention of economic ramifications for the NBA. NBA to move All-Star Game over N.C. law - CNN.com Turner Broadcasting, a major partner, supports the decision to move the game. Cities are clamouring to get the game moved to their city. The NBA has mentioned moving the game back to Charlotte in 2019 to appease the Hornets. I readily admit that I may be missing something, but everything I am reading seems to support low economic risk for the league and potential economic gains.
  4. Sports leagues have partnered with China and Mexico for years without any controversy or issue. This is an extremely low risk financial move for the NBA, IMO. Time will tell, as you said. I feel like time has passed enough on the NBA's foreign partnerships to know that there is zero issue, economically.
  5. Do they benefit? I don't know. This is another question that can be asked in reverse. What did the league lose? This seems like a low financial risk for the league while potentialially aligning philosophies with LGBQT business partners and fans.
  6. I don't know. I'm not on the inside. I would imagine that you can ask the same question now that the game has been moved, no? Have any Charlotte-based businesses pulled sponsorships of the NBA? I imagine that any LGBQT sponsorships or potential partners as well as LGBQT fan dollars were the motivation. Growth in this sector has to be considered an opportunity for the NBA on the back of Jason Collins a few years back. JMO.
  7. I am surprised at how many think the NBA's move here is politically motivated. The NBA may use the politics to receive some positive PR, but this move is 100% economic, IMO. Kate Fagan said it best on Twitter:
  8. Hard to keep the politics out of this decision due to the economics. LGBQT money is just as green and I don't think the NBA wants to alienate this portion of their fans- not to mention the potential negative PR if the game was kept in Charlotte. I 100% agree that this does suck for the fans in Charlotte, though.
  9. I'm no contract law expert, but isn't it likely that the NBA won't have to pay Charlotte anything since the Hornets are a part of the NBA? I'm curious about how this works.
  10. Actually a great night of fights...the least amount of action came from Jones vs. OSP. Mighty Mouse KO'd Cejudo in impressive fashion. That KO will have a tough challenge from Yair Rodriguez's head kick KO (crane kick, no can defend!) for KO of the night. Barbosa was darn impressive and Whittaker vs. Natal was non-stop action! Jones' body slam of OSP in the fourth round was impressive, but otherwise he just outclassed OSP with his leg kicks and volume of strikes.
  11. The only way this becomes a viable option for the top, potential one and done guy is if: 1. You know you want to be a one and done guy, but you miss your senior year of high school for any reason (injury, transfer eligibility, etc.). See Skal Labissiere. or 2. If you know you are going to have eligibility issues in the NCAA. See Thon Maker. I still think NCAA basketball is your best option,followed by a professional foreign league.
  12. Native American Council offers amnesty to 220 million undocumented whites | Minds
  13. It does...and just like I thought it was wrong for Pitino and Petrino I think it is wrong for Summit.
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