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  1. Would love to have $1 for everyone they average over 3000.
  2. How obvious does it have to be. He's clueless on the subject of attendance at college games. Look at UC's schedule and look at all the REALLY attractive games they play. Very few.
  3. ..p.. Playing a game in Baltimore on Sunday and one in College Station on Tuesday can do that. .
  4. Wait a minute now. First of all it wasn't a "terrible" loss. People think that because teams have initials in their name they are bad. As was mentioned this team will be in the thick of their conference race and it's a pretty good conference. They probably should have won, yes, but terrible loss,no. Secondly, a BAD road team???? They won 2 games on the road in the Bahamas and have lost at Memphis by 2, to Vermont, a really good mid-major team by 2 and at East Tenn St., a team that had Xavier beat and just couldn't hold on. They have played a very good mid-major schedule and are 7-4, with Texas A & M tomorrow night. They will be fine.
  5. One of the best people I've ever known and a great ref to work with. He always had control of games and was great working with players and coaches. Respected by everyone which is very difficult to do. Will miss him greatly.
  6. Wouldn't call it bad luck. The first foul was questionable and the second one was simply a phantom call. Very inconsistent officiating the whole game, both ways, but taking McDonald out in the first minute with 2 ticky-tack fouls doomed the Norse.
  7. Thanks for the report. We certainly aren't going to get any info in the paper so anything you have inn the future will be appreciated.
  8. Nice to see people step up and admit they were skeptical of his skills.
  9. Thanks. Would appreciate seeing them any time you have them.
  10. I would think if a lot of people were honest with themselves they never imagined a career like this for Drew. There were many doubters about his skills when he was at NCC. Congratulations Drew for proving them wrong.
  11. The games like this and Eastern Ky. later this week are important to NKU for recruiting purposes. They need to win these games. If they play well this should be a win.
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