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  1. The average fan doesn't want to see a 15-13 score at half. If you like teams more skilled on defense than offense that's your choice, but I would bet you enjoyed the second half much more.
  2. Glad the second half was better basketball, I had to leave at half time thinking it was the worst half of basketball I've seen in a long time.
  3. Bring back Jim Kelch, he did a great job and very professional.
  4. Bad loss for NKU. I take it that Tate is hurt again since he didn't play?
  5. Cincinnati won the free throw contest 26 for 33. NKU 6 for 15. Refs really took NKU out of it early.
  6. Not sure why, can you explain?
  7. Nice road win. Sharp 28 points. McDonald triple double 12 pts 14 reb. 11 assists.
  8. Pretty sure Coastal Carolina lost to Manhattan by 2 on Friday, but they blew a 12 point lead. Should be a good game tonight. I've got to say Vogt has improved 1000% since last year. He really gave them some good minutes the last 2 games.
  9. IMO NKU is not nearly as deap as they were the last few years. I would bet Coach B will only play 7-8 once conference starts instead of 9 or more that has played previously. It's a shame because they would have really be strong with Williams and Faulkner still on the roster.
  10. Having freshman not yet ready to play no matter how talented is still having lack of depth. I think they will struggle to score at times. If Drew has an off night they might be in trouble. Need someone else to step up, maybe Walton can be the guy.
  11. I'm sorry but Vogt and Djoko just aren't D1 players and Mocoby is not ready yet to guard a D1 athelete. I like his offense however so he might get in against a zone defense. I do like Adheke however he is very raw. Look forward in seeing his improvement. He plays hard but might see foul trouble with him early.
  12. I was thinking just the opposite, I hope I'm wrong but I don't think they are deep at all. They are really going to miss Carson Williams and Faulkner. I'm also not too keen on playing D3 competition.
  13. 9 homers and 57 RBI's are not good for a #3 hitter. His numbers are great for a #2 or lead off hitter however, where he should be hitting.
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