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  1. I did miss the boat. I was in Sweden having a memorial for the victims of Bowling Green.
  2. You've got it all wrong. These 4 years won't be miserable at all. Saturday Night Live has been highly entertaining and I get a big kick out of watching people make themselves look silly.
  3. I always validate myself. Vote away though. It means nothing to me.
  4. This is a good point. I should have known how this would turn out. I read plenty and that is the basis for my response. I can read. Sean Spicer? Yes. You should read some more.
  5. All I see is a wolf surrounded by a bunch of sheep.
  6. You oppose the military then. The way the rules have been the last 8 years is that if you disagree with a person of the military then you don't support the military. I've seen it on this website countless times. Why do you republicans always try to change the rules? Nevermind. Don't answer. That's why smart people don't like republicans.
  7. If this is the type of lunacy you plan to post then do us all a favor and don't respond to my posts anymore. For every crap article you post quoting Sean Spicer, the Press Secretary getting paid to lie through his teeth, I can post one saying Sean Spicer is full of crap. Either use your brain and look at the facts of this raid or don't engage me. You better acknowledge the Benghazis we are destined to have over the next 4 years.
  8. Oh okay. I thought that once you were in the military you were always considered military. I must have incorrectly assumed that he was a veteran. Veterans are usually held in high regard in America. I see now I was mistaken that McCain is a veteran. My mistake. He isn't a veteran. Continue to crap all over him then. Proceed.
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