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  1. Lets hear some good ones. Its so hot................
  2. Start with a little butter in a cast iron skillet. Fry thin slices until crispy brown. Cover it with an over-medium egg with a side of shredded hash browns...and enjoy. Oh man, I just did it to myself...now I need some goetta!
  3. Precautions should always be adhered to. Water breaks are great, but if the kids are not loading up on water BEFORE practice, it is too late. The water consumed during practice is not enought. But that is what kids do. Drink pops during the day and evening and only water at practice. Not a good combination.
  4. How can I forget...you need to try Zips Cafe in Cincinnati. They have a burger called "Girth Burger". It is burger topped with a grilled, split mett on it.
  5. I love the Rueben too, but for my #1 favorite, it has to be the Philly cheesesteak. I really cant wait to make it to Philadelphia some day. I will go to Pats and then to Genos and decide for myself who is the best.
  6. Who you got in the 5 man rotation? Volquez Harang Bailey Cueto Leake Wood Maloney Arroyo
  7. If the bike was at the ladies house, the cops should tell her that she would get nailed for recieving stolen property. Maybe she would cooperate then.
  8. Believe me, I stopped! I really did try to get into it because I generally am a sports fan. But unfortuantely, the horns were just too annoying.
  9. I am not a huge fan of soccer. It just wasnt around here much when I was growing up. So, the attitude was, soccer was for kids that weren't tough enough for football (although I know now that soccer is a physically demanding sport to play). World Cup is annoying with all those horns blowing constantly. I honestly tried to watch some matches and all I can take is about two minutes of that annoying buzzing sound.:isurrender:
  10. How many players do the Mustangs have coming to practices? What do they have at the Frosh level?
  11. There are politics at EVERY school. If you have a certain family name, parent on school councils, have money...etc. If you are coming in from outside the school system (unless you are a stud athlete) you do have to fight harder to prove your worth. I would expect backers from successful schools like NCC, Highlands, and Beechwood to deny this. And this is fine, but its true.
  12. Final Countdown is a fun one to watch.
  13. Good point. Did not think of that one. Although many companies are doing away with company cars due to higher gas, taxes, insurance....etc.
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