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  1. Does that mean he set the school records for rushing and overall TD’s?
  2. Thanks for all the recommendations. I have seen a lot of these but there are for sure some I have not.
  3. In the Mollie Tibbits thread people mentioned being true crime fans. I am as well. Any particular recommendations from fans?
  4. Not sure I would call it settling but it wasn't the first person offered. There have been a lot of great hires in all sports throughout history where the first person offered turned it down and the next in line took it and ran. I'm hoping that happens here.
  5. I made it clear that they offered someone else before him. I'm not jumping into the Andre topic. You brought it up. If you know what happened you jump in
  6. That’s fine. They’d all be wrong. 3 straight regional appearances and 2 sons scoring over 1K points is a Hill I’ll happiky die on. The job may not be as good as some people think either. CCH is probably the best program in the state with that coach. Holmes will probably figure it out again soon. Beechwood is on the rise. Might be why a 25ish year old HC graduate turned them down and they had to settle.
  7. It worked out pretty well for HC that their last hire had kids getting ready to come through the school.
  8. There will always be illegal gambling and prostitution in the state of KY. It would be nice if there were legal options for those that wanted to do it correctly.
  9. Why stop there? Legalize prostitution and tax it as well. The state's budget issue would be solved fairly quickly until the politicians figured out a way to mess the additional revenue. Hopefully it would take them a couple decades to mess it up though.
  10. Girls coach hired. No word on boys coach. My understanding is AD handled the girls search and the principal is handling the boys search.
  11. I believe this is filled. I will let HC make the announcement before I do. The person wasn't previously mentioned in here.
  12. The best thing about this hire is how mad ND supposedly was at Kes during the time of the "HC about to get Death Penalty thread". That was only 2 years ago. Haha. Some people were really really far off in that thread. My first post in there asked if we could get it moved to the classic forum if nothing happened.
  13. I hope that if he does want it that this narrative doesn’t get around.
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