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  1. Yeah again, all that makes sense. The fact is it just takes some more time for the dust of previous perceptions to settle. And I know goal differentiation isn't everything, but it does paint a picture. My biggest confusion was simply seeing their resume as far superior to two teams ranked higher than them, who they actually beat (Campbell & Villa). But like yall said... time will probably work it out. Another home game with Bourbon Co tonight won't exactly grow the resume, but the next couple of weeks should tell a lot.
  2. That makes perfect sense to me. Just surprised to see a team with a 39-0 goal differential not getting more buzz. This weekend should be a very good indicator of where they're at... not mention, with Campbell down, that game could show who the favorite is in the 37th district.
  3. Make it 8-0 after the win last night... Calvary: 6 Mason Co: 0
  4. That makes sense for the time being. Just didnt understand beating 2 opponents higher ranked and still being in the 90s.
  5. Can someone help me understand something... It is very possible I'm missing something here... Calvary Christian Girls' Soccer is currently ranked #92 in the Maher Rankings. That might be a normal average ranking for CCS soccer this time of year... but I don't understand the rationale for the placement. Anyone help? - Currently 7-0 - 33 Goals for, ZERO goals against - Only team in the state who still hasn't been scored on - Beat Campbell County 1-0 (currently ranked #65...higher than CCS) - Beat Villa Madonna 2-0 (currently ranked #90... higher than CCS) - Beat Sayre 2-0 (currently ranked #97) - Beat Muhlenberg County 7-0 (currently ranked #117) - Top record in Region X I'm not ranting, I just don't get it
  6. First time in school history!! One of the coolest moments at CCS in a loooonnng time.
  7. Any word on early candidates for the HC job, vacated by Coach Murphy?
  8. Any word on if he's moving somewhere larger? Again, seems like he brought them quite a long way in just a couple years.
  9. WOW. Anybody have details on this? Brown might be a small school but Coach Pendleton did a great job with them. Leading them to #1 defensive points allowed in the state! Is he moving on to somewhere bigger?
  10. Winner of this game become the favorite going forward?
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