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  1. He has a couple weeks to get healthy for when games really count.
  2. It will be nice to see how they follow-up after last year.
  3. Yes, Wheeler has Painter, but Schwartz has a better supporting cast to take away some of the defense focus. Having Sheer & Crittenden takes a lot of the focus and pressure away from Schwartz. Boyd has played the #1, #2 and #3 team in West Virginia and they play #1 again. Highlands, Russell, Mercer, Dixie - these are not bad teams. Wheeler put up 40+ against Ryle Ryle may have had a tougher schedule, but Boyd has played a tough enough schedule that shouldn't take away from Wheeler's stats. In their one game head-to-head, Schwartz shot 21 shots and had 25 points.
  4. I can see how someone could argue for Conner, but I do not see how Highlands at number two would make any sense.
  5. It wasn't 20+, the score is posted incorrectly. It was a 14 point win and there were some free throws at the end that boosted it by about 4 to 6. It was a 2 point game at the half, and about a 8 to 12 lead for most of the 2nd half, with occasional spurts either way. Conner was in control the whole time and was never really threatened, but Dixie hung around until the end. The better team won and it played out as one would have (should have) expected.
  6. It would be curious to know the details. How long was full court pressure applied? How much time was split between starters and the bench? With a running clock, it's hard to get to 97 points unless you are really pushing the action, unless they had 60 or 70 in the 1st half. What was halftime score?
  7. Scott is much better than I thought they would be. Losing Clephane, some incoming freshmen that would have played, and their starting point guard were all big losses. They have played well so far considering what they lost.
  8. The group of seniors that graduated last year were very good and had exceptional careers, this drop-off should be expected.
  9. It was Pickerington Central. I saw the game. PC is really good - state champs last year, I believe. They would probably beat any Ky team, but not sure they would win by the same margin.
  10. They also beat St. Henry earlier this year. 2-0, nice start for the Lady Braves
  11. I also heard that due to conflicts with other sports, some did not make the team. new coach = new philosophy
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