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  1. Incoming freshman Ryle high school. Played JV last year, got some varsity minutes too. Should start or be a major contributor at Ryle this season. Heard she’s having a good summer as well.
  2. Abby Holtman has recieved a D1 offer from Wright State. Incoming freshman, class of 2023. Congratulations Abby!
  3. Ryle has a lot of young talent coming up. Austin Johnson is recovering but plans to play mid season this year. But after the Scherr/Schwartz era they will continue to be a contender. Here is an excerpt from a write up about Abby Holtman, incoming freshman. “Abby Holtman (2023)- this Kentucky product will only be a freshman Ryle High School, but is already showing promise reminding me of their current senior guard headed to Oregon, Maddie Scherr. Abby has a way to get to that level, but she showed a lot of skill for such a young player. Long athletic kid who can play anywhere on the floor.“ Wright State Elite Camp draws talented players - Prep Girls Hoops
  4. Think I will go with Ryle Saw Maddie Scherr play a few scrimmages this summer. Wow. I realize it’s summer ball but she could do anything she wanted.
  5. Agreed with all this. Besides the Dixie game it doesn’t seem like Ryle has been playing at top of game. Tough games against Ludlow and NDA does not seem like a team that’s ready to take the state. As you mention they are regularly out coached in games so that’s an obstacle they have as well. I hope they go all the way, but getting past Mercy or GRC the way things have been going will be difficult. I also agree with you and doubt Murray has enough to stop them but it could happen.
  6. Only a junior, Maddie wins the award for the best overall player in Kentucky. Congrats to Maddie, she is really fun to watch play. Listened to the radio broadcast of the Regional finals, the announcers said she had the best crossover they've seen in a girl basketball player. And she's 5'11" with off the charts athleticism, that helps too.
  7. Jayden Crist (10th) has already been filling in alot this year with varsity. Coming up a few girls who will make an impact are Ashton Williams (10th), Abby Holtman (8th), and Brooke Schwartz (9th). Brooke is Lauren's younger sister. In addition to these girls there will also be three more middle schoolers who have been playing up this season that will possibly contribute next year. Quinn Eubanks, Sarah Baker and Meredith Snider. Quinn has alot of potential, only a 7th grader. Very tall and athletic. Excellent shot developing. Ryle will be good for years to come.
  8. Ryle has 4 of top 6 girls back. Plus several young players with a lot of potential that will be moving up to fill in the gaps. Ryle should continue to be a regional front runner!
  9. Geez what a game. Ryle down 25-17 at half. Rough start. Ryle’s press changed everything.
  10. Weren't the nominations done separately from the voting? And coaches can nominate multiple girls? Just because 9th region coaches nominated Zoie doesn't mean they will vote for her. Hopefully the 9th region coaches will not split their votes for Miss Basketball if thats the case.
  11. Lady Raiders finish the regular season at NDA well. First quarter was tight, but the Raiders settled down and played well. Great season for the girls! Future looks bright for NDA with 3 freshman starters. Ryle has a strong 7/8th grade class plus one of the top freshman in NKY. Future looks bright for both programs.
  12. Yeah I guess I haven’t seen enough to know. Seems like all the blow outs vs easy teams have been at home. Didn’t see the LIT games. Was really just comparing to the other Conner game. Other than the first 5 minutes of the first Conner game Ryle seemed to really dominate. They went from 14 behind to 11 ahead, basically won 3 1/2 quarters by 25. This game did not look the same. Struggled to score. Struggled to play strong D. Just my opinion though. Hoping they come out ahead in the tournament.
  13. Raiders struggled to score in first half. A 4 point 2nd quarter, 16 points at half. Second half was better but couldn’t quite get over the hump. Conner hit shots when needed. #14 for Conner was clutch. Offensively, the offense doesn’t seem set up Schwartz or Scherr well to get good shots off. They seem to have to create their own shots a lot. Defensively, the 1-3-1 defense was working not sure why Ryle got out of it. I have seen a bunch of games and they play a lot of man defense but they don’t seem very good at it. Ryle gave up a lot of layups and offensive boards while in man. For as athletic as Ryle is they don’t pressure the ball a lot. Very few girls team would handle serious pressure well. Ryle seems to be digressing, not peaking down the stretch.
  14. According to the newspaper Ryle was down 15-0 and 30-7 early on. Anyone able to add details? What a comeback! Schwartz 32 pts, 4 steals Scherr 20 pts, 15 rebounds GRC in Championship tomorrow.
  15. Retired Jenna Crittenden’s (older sister of sophomore Brie Crittenden) jersey tonight. Ryle up 33-3 after first quarter. Did a good job of keeping it from being out of control score wise as discussed in other thread lately.
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