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  1. Webb is out due to knee injury. I believe it will be all or at least most of the season. They are very young and will be a couple years to get back to really competitive play. They have a good 7th & 6th grade class developing possibly, until then it could be some struggling times for SK.
  2. This is true. My son broke thru 4 tackles today in workouts due to the masks. Those pieces of porous fabric are game changers. Invincible!
  3. How you make those smiley faces? I need this in my posts. Some fish fries open tonight for one last Friday. Come get some good eats.
  4. Americans are incredibly confident, resilient, optimistic, and selfless. We should be. Our trophy collection is big and the ripple effect of our genorousity throughout the world is huge. Get out of whatever downer social network you belong to. Being a hater is no fun. I guess being the deuce is a lifetime of jealousy and natural issues with not being numero uno lol. Give it try though, look for better and you will find it. Cheers
  5. Scherr back on court but not starting 2nd. Looks like she is going to give it a shot.
  6. Brie crittenden dominant and Holtman effected with frustration at refs and teammates. but Bree foul trouble and scherr injury obvious are biggest factors. Sarah baker & Austin Johnson will be a big part of their offense second half Lacy Bradshaw contained but with 5 pts. No flow out of their offense and they have to find something. Shot selection is bad. They need to find something.
  7. Syd was a star in both games and was the total difference maker. Defense was huge, offense was usual. Her team gets everything off of her play.
  8. Jerad Moore (Dixie). He does a great job. His brother Rocky Tye, does Scott. Both are outstanding people that are positiver supporters of all NKY sports. Jerad is a really professional person. He takes the job serious and respects the other team while being energetic for his own team. Nothing over the top, but he isn't trying to be the show. Great work Jerad.
  9. You know who didn't travel, 3-4 Ryle players standing there not doing anything on defense. Easy rotations and simple defensive effort missed. Cooper ran a pick, not even a pick & roll, and Ryle couldn't defend it. But its easier for a coach to blame a ref instead of his discipline. Its easier for the Ryle parents to blame someone besides their players.
  10. Agree with this. Meredith is a very special player and you can’t replace that, but watching them play is really disappointing. Their effort and energy are very lacking. I could understand a tough W/L record but that shouldn’t be.
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