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  1. Rogg has no Varsity experience as I understand it, but has coached a few years there at lower levels. The Rogg name is likely more familiar to you Qryche11, as there was a Rogg kid that played for them several years back that was a fairly good athlete in BB and FB. I think he transferred his sr year though. Not sure of that, but don't think he played.
  2. Heard today that Jeff Rogers has moved on to Coach at Berry College. Don't know much about Berry, but somewhat surprised. He has some success at T-Mo and seemed to have if fairly cushy. Anyone know what Berry has to offer?:idunno:
  3. Can't imagine Hicks wanting to leave Bellevue's head Coaching position to be an assistant. I think Bellevue has some talent coming up considering they are DIII
  4. Maybe Henry isn't as stupid as he has acted in the past... You figure he has to like Cincinnati. It doesn't seem like he ever gave much serious thought to leaving as long as the Bengals would take him back. And maybe he realized how good of a gig he has here if he stays outta trouble, considering elsewhere he would be at least double teamed everytime he was in the game, and probably wouldn't have as good of a QB as he does here. But IMO, Henry may not make as much difference to the offense as Chris Perry will if he stays healthy...
  5. I didn't see this but heard about it and the interviewer should be ashamed of themselves...
  6. Find another Pelle and/or McCarter and/or Horstman... In all seriousness, the Grove always finds a way to be competitive in DIII...
  7. It may be interesting... I believe that Clyde Logan is wearing that number for now...
  8. I made a comment in the first half at last nights game about how Marcus Maxwell had looked good and stood a good chance of making the team, and the guy next to me agreed but threw in "But he's no Chris Henry." Does this hurt the psyche of Caldwell, Maxwell, and Simpson?
  9. You may very well be right, and Nastia definately proves she is the best in the world. But the two questions are can she sustain that level and does she want to do what it takes to sustain that level for the next four years... Remember in 2004 at Athens that Carly Patterson won the olympic all around, but didn't return to the team this year. Her current age? 20... 2 months younger than Alicia Sacramone...
  10. Depends on the sport... And how much fundraising that is being done...
  11. Definately not a disappointment, but her publicity was very high going in... I read on website today about how beam is her last chance for gold her and she was supposed to come away with all golds. In the interview, Costas asked them together and let them answer separately. While Nastia gave the expected answer about "just concentrating on enjoying now" and "it's a long way away," Shawn gave an answer "This experience has been great and I'd give anything to do it again." The latter sounds much more like someone who is willing to give the next four years to training for another shot...
  12. I was thinking about this the night after the gymnastics all around final when they interviewed Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson. They mentioned London 2012 to them and asked if they have considered if they will participate. Nastia would be 22 and Shawn would be 20. I know its a long way away, but I would guess right now that Shawn will be there but Nastia won't. The way I see it, 20 is almost a "cutoff" age for womens gymnast here. Plus Nastia has nothing left to prove really. Proved she is the best all around gymnast in the world, so why dispute it. However, Shawn came into the games with high expectations and though she has 3 silvers with one shot left, some people would call her performance a disappointment to this point. I can def. see her trying to come back in 2012 as a team leader/captain kinda roll and giving it another shot at team and all around gold... What do you all think?
  13. High risk, high reward move if it happens... If they bring him back, does he count on the roster for the first four weeks or is there a reserve/suspended list? Interesting that it says he's coming from NC... I saw him running in NKY a few days ago...
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