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  1. The 9th region has not been as strong the last couple of years.
  2. I agree that Moss would have been more effective as a scorer down low the whole game. Boone's inside game is where I think they have an advantage, and that's where they won the game in the first matchup. However, after Ryle switched to the half court press, Moss was needed out top with Jones. I thought the press bothered Boone too much. Boone settled for too many outside shots, and except for a couple of threes they were not hitting and missed way too many open outside shots. Ryle hit some key threes. Boone probably had twice as many fouls as Ryle. The foul call at the end of the game with Boone down one and going for the winning shot enabled Ryle to add a couple of security free throws for the final margin. Johnson for Ryle had a great game. She is a physically strong player.
  3. I don't see how. Other than maybe Dixie, I think the 9th is pretty week overall this year.
  4. Didn't the coach of each team select their own players? Agree. Nash had a good tournament.
  5. For smaller schools, there are always 1A championships too. I don't think the better coaches end up staying at non-competitive schools that never have any firepower.
  6. How many district and regional championships do each of these coaches have throughout their entire career, and how many years has each one coached. Wins are nice but championships are a better measuring stick.
  7. Yes that could be said for any team who loses a primary scorer. She will be hard to replace next year.
  8. Boone actually extended the lead by 6 when Moss left the Notre Dame game temporarily with an injury.
  9. Close game. Boone led most of first half. Allowing open three point shots absolutely killed Boone. Boone was up 22-14 after one. Moss played well but was the only real scoring Boone had other than 10 by Hill. Princeton was lights out from three much of the game. Mitchell was very good too and had about 25 or 27 points, but Moss was had the better performance, finishing with about 33.
  10. A win is a win Clyde. Survive and move on! Props to Boone!!!
  11. I was looking at Fangman and happened to notice Austin Flannery is in the same conference. He is averaging 16.2 PPG and is currently 5th in the nation in 3 point field goals and 23rd in the nation in total scoring.
  12. Boone County, Notre Dame, and Ryle will all be tough again and should have good games with each other.
  13. Seniors Harrison and Hickman and Jasmine Davis are not playing this year. However, Boone will still have a good top 7 to 9 players. I look for starters to be Moss, Nash, and Hill at the 3 through 5 positions, with Switzer a very capable sub who can also score 8 to 10 a game. Jones will be the PG again and is a tremendous defender, and look for Popp to be the 2 and spell Jones at the PG. I expect the younger Switzer (freshman) will get some minutes at the 3, and freshman Macy Ford to get some backup as an extra PG. I think that although Boone lost a couple of good three-point shooters, they will be harder to defend this year and more multi-dimensional. New Cath was able to face guard Boone's three-point shooters last year in the regional final. Boone will be able to pound the ball inside to Moss and Nash, and Popp can hit some threes to keep defenses honest, and Kathleen Murphy off the bench has good height and can get hot shooting too. Moss will involve her teammates when double teamed and will find open players. She is very unselfish. I think Boone's top 6 will all be capable of double figure games at times, with Moss and Nash leading the way.
  14. I thought both the Boone guards played well. Holmes collapsed on the inside and dared them to make open shots in the lane, and they did. Both stepped up to the challenge. I think Holmes would have been better off not leaving wide open jump shots in the lane and drives.
  15. There were times when Moss defended Tibbs and vice versa. Moss can shoot threes well, play point when needed, and dribble well, and she has a ton of assists, so I think her transition would be easy. Boone probably would only be about 500 without Moss. She has also been double and triple teamed a lot this year.
  16. I thought all of the foul calls on her were legitimate.
  17. Boone, ND, Ryle, and NCC all have very legitimate shots to win the 9th. It will be about the matchups. Ryle would not meet Boone until the championship, so both of them will probably have to beat NDA/NCC to get there, and Ryle better hope Highlands is not on their side too.
  18. Good win for Boone. The only way to stop Brown is get him in foul trouble. Boone is too big for Holmes.
  19. May or may not bother/distract certain players, but allowing taunting and harrassment is not teaching young kids good morals and sportsmanship. There are positive ways to root for your team.
  20. Not the latter ;-) It may be a common occurence, but the school's principle should nip it in the bud.
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